fetal movement at 9 weeks gestation
by Niky1585, Nov 22, 2008
I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and have been feeling fluttering for the last week or so, it is deffinately NOT gas as this is my 3rd baby and i can tell the difference in the feeling. I was wondering whether there was a chance it could be twins? or if any one else had felt their baby move around the same time?
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by sakers1985, Nov 22, 2008
I have also felt the fluttering and was wondering the same... some say you cant feel it.. but the baby does start to move around about this time. ( I am 9 weeks4 days)
by bryanarae, Nov 24, 2008
I am 10 weeks and 2 days today and this is my 2nd baby. I think I have started feeling lil movements about 4 days ago. I can tell the difference between "gas flutters" and "baby flutters"! I think it all depends on how in tune you are with your body and pregnancy, but its deffinately possible. =)
by chell666, Nov 29, 2008
hi, i am 9wks and 4 days and have felt lower movements on my lefthand side for the last week. At first i thought it was wind then it bacame more frequent and i am feeling it alot now. This is my second pregnancy i felt my daughter in the first at 14wks. Everyone keeps joking saying it could be twins(my other half is an identical twin). At least i am not going mad then and imagining it.
by kayla8688, Jan 10, 2009
im about 10 and a half weeks pregnant unsure of my due date and ive been feelng movements in my stomach is that a good sign everything is ok. I already have a 2yr just dont remember having movements like this with my daughter im unsure even though this is my 2nd pregnancy
by Vive87, Jan 13, 2009
I have also felt this and this is my secound child and I am 9 weeks only .ITS NOT GAS you can feel the diference ...But every were I read it says is not possible sooooo i dont know girls ....
by porchae, Mar 26, 2009
I am 9 weeks and 2 days i started feeling tiny movements also.i really notice it if im sitting down with my hand on my lower belly i start to feel lil thumps mostly on my left side and if i lay on my side i still feel  the lil thumps were ever the water bag shift the baby to. i thought it was gas but i now gas cause it will move to my butt. but these lil thumps dont they been thumping around the same area since i been noticeing besides at nine weeks most babys do begin movements so if u feeling it your not crazy and those movements are'nt just gas you do have a lil life inside thats ready to bloom.
by lutonlisa, Mar 29, 2009
i came onto this forum coz i also am 9 weeks pregnant and feel fluttering i just came on to see if im imagining it, this is my 4th baby
by veronicahilyard, May 14, 2009
wow i came here to see if i was imagining things also and it seems that im not thank god. im 9 weeks today and for about the last half week i have been feelings movements in my lower abdomen!! this is my 5th child and i never remember feeling movement this early, which makes me think and hope that im not having twins!! any way i guess no one knows for sure and all the expert websites say that the baby starts moving at 7-8 weeks but we should not feel it till around 16 or up! im not sure thats what i feel but what ever it is feels just like baby movements to me!
by mickeylover24, Jul 20, 2009
I too am about 9 weeks and have been feeling the flutters. Glad to know I am not the only one. This will be my third child but this pregnancy seems so different then my first two. Hoping that means it is a girl this time since my first two are boys.