i felt the baby moving 5 days ago !! but now im not feeling the baby moving anymore im 20 weeks !!! im very worried can that be normal ???
by Ezell81, Dec 31, 2011
I don't feel the baby moving for the passed 3 days !!! I just felt it about 5 days ago but now I'm not feeling it any more !!! Is that ok ??
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by nymama4, Jan 01, 2012
It can be normal. I am 20 weeks yesterday and started feeling little movement at 11 weeks and less than a week ago started feeling my baby kicking harder on the outside. Yesterday I was having severe back pain and not feeling well. My baby didn't start moving until later at night. Mine tends to move more when I am flat on my back or not doing anything.  It could be that baby has positioned itself just right so you can't feel anything. Like I said, yesterday mine was rather quiet. If you're still concerned about it, call your doctor and they can do a variety of tests to make sure baby is ok. I also have a heartbeat monitor I bought at Walmart for $25 and whenever I don't feel my baby I use that to hear the heartbeat and hear him move. He moves a lot and a lot of times I don't feel it. It may not hurt to pick one up or phone the doctor. Good luck and keep us updared.
by steph_ut, Jan 01, 2012
I just wanted to add that yes, until quite a bit later in pregnancy, the baby can move so that you don't feel movement even after having felt it previously. I have been feeling movement most days for close to a month and haven't felt any for 2 days... I'm in the same boat but also know I had phases like this with my daughter and am trying to stay calm. :)
by RippedonScotch, Jan 02, 2012
I think its ok. I know that i didn't think I was feeling the baby move alot but I also realized that I've been doing lots of stuff and I think he was moving when i was walking around and doing stuff so it just didn't feel as strong as it does when you are just chilling on the couch.  
by smiley_one, Jan 10, 2012
I worried over the same thing. I felt her once when I was 19 weeks, and it took until my 22 week until I felt her again.
by lilbit_17, Jan 12, 2012
I worry too.... I'm 23 weeks and normally only feel her a little in the morning and in the evening when I'm in bed. I sit at a desk all day for work wondering how this child sleeps so much lol. I'm just ready to feel constant movement. I suppose they still have a lot of room to move about?
by leesha89, Jan 14, 2012
i wouldnt stress hun im 21w in 2 days 3rd baby i felt massive amounts movement really early with 1st 2 but this one i have felt once and he had pushed ryt up against my tummy so u could see he was there
by baby_hopes, Jan 17, 2012
I have been feeling my boy move since about 18-19 weeks...and since I been able to feel him he moves a lot...very very active! This happened to me too, I had gone a full day without feeling him move at all...I got worried and went to the ER and then they checked me out, heard my boy's strong heartbeat...around 20-21 weeks your uterus goes up above your belly button so the doctor said that its normal for us to not feel him...she told me that if it ever happens again, to lay on my back on the couch, drink really cold apple or orange juice and wait a bit, he should move :)
by leesha89, Jan 23, 2012
im now 22w today and for the past week mr has finally started making himself known, wriggles all the time
by aasirsmommy, Nov 13, 2012
Im 27 weeks i dont really feel my baby move as much. But when i went to the dr last he was fine. And very active but i cant really feel him move im not sure to be concernd or not