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bag for hospital
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bag for hospital

What is everyone packing for the hospital???
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Well I am probably overpacking but I went online for some suggestions and made my own list up.  I am taking at least two pairs of PJ's and thinking about taking a third just in case.  I am only taking one outfit for myself to come home in.  Other than that for myself I am taking some personal hygiene stuff and some magazines just in case I get antsy as I don't do to well confined to one area (but I think I might be more tired than anything).  Make sure that you have your insurance cards with you as well.  I am taking chargers with for my cell phone and camara just in case the batteries would run low.  I have another bag for Olivia because I am taking a few outfits with (I just can't decide which one I wanted).  I also have a bib, burp cloth, hats, and blankets with.  I probably really overpacked but oh well.  
A warm bathrobe because I got cold last time- especially when getting out of the laboring tub.  One nightgown for when we have visitors, but I plan on wearing hospital garb the rest of the time so I don't have to worry about bleeding on my own clothes, plus nursing is easier with the gowns that unsnap on the shoulder.  Slippers and socks.  An extra outfit of "coming home" clothes in case my water breaks on the way to the hospital.  Big pads and old panties although I plan on using the hospital ones as long as possible.

A CD player and my "ocean" cd- we played it the whole time we were in the hospital with DD#1 (and for about six months after we came home!)  A rock with special significance I can hold onto during labor.  Homeopathy kit and Rescue Remedy.  Camera.  Wallet.  Cell phone.  List of phone numbers.  Birth plan (just listing the things I feel most strongly about- last time I wrote down everything and some of it got ignored.)

A book to read or have dh read to me- I picked James Thurber short stories last time and that was perfect- familiar, funny, light- so I picked a different collection this time.

Lots of snacks- protein bars, nuts, dried fruit- because by the time I got to my recovery room last time it was midnight, and no food was available- a nurse gave me a sandwich which I had to share with dh.  My own pillow because I sleep better with it.  Toiletries.

A warm blanket and two coming home outfits for DD- newborn and 0-3 months.  DD#1 was so big she didn't fit into newborn clothes even when she was a newborn.  Until we're ready to leave, I'll just keep her in the hospital t-shirts and swaddle blankets.  Pacifiers just in case she freaks out in the car- it's a 1/2 hour drive home.

It sounds like a lot, but it all fits in one (big) suitcase!
O lord last time i went in i ended up sending for more clothes... so bring alot of baby clothes!
P.J.'s for nursing
2 outfits appropriate for company that won't push on my belly - c section...
shower stuff
makeup - hairties
outfit for baby and me to go home in
my own small blanket
Thanks Everyone!
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