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the ring from circumcision
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the ring from circumcision

My son was circumsized 15 days ago and the nurses said that the ring and string that the doctor put on him from the circumcision should fall off within 8-10 days. Well it has been 15 days and the day before yesterday I was changing him and I noticed that one side was almost off and the other side was still tightly done as if he just got circumsized, but the ring was covering his pee hole so I had to move it and when I did it fell off to the side of his penis and is now hanging on by a piece of pinched skin. It is not red or swollen, it just looks like it hurts and the baby doesn't cry over it. I just do not know much about the ring and string. What should I do? I have been putting vaseline around the ring area so that it wont rip him, is that bad? Does anyone else know what I am talking about and has anyone gone through this too? There is 2 types of circumcision, I wish I would have picked the other one but I didn't know till last week. TY for your suggestions.
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I found this, hopeing it might help answer your questions. My son didn't get his done this way. That's why I didn't know what the heck you were talking about. Hope this helps.

After-care -- Plastibell or Equivalent
Very little special care is needed when this method is used.

The baby should be given a daily bath as usual, but add some salt to the bath water to promote healing. If the doctor has given you some antiseptic powder then use it as directed, otherwise do not put any antiseptics on the wound or in the bath water.

The nature of the plastic bell should ensure that the circumcision cannot come into contact with the glans (glands), which may be a little raw from separation of adhesions. If it should look as if there is some contact then a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline) smeared on the wound and glans (glands) each time the baby is changed will prevent the two fusing together and forming 'skin bridges'.

A dark brown or black area around the plastic ring is perfectly natural and will disappear after the ring has fallen off. The skin under the string may also become soft and yellow, like the umbilical cord stump.

There may be a little pink or red staining of the nappy for a few hours after the circumcision and again when the ring separates.

The bell will fall off naturally after about a week, leaving a fully healed circumcision. Do not attempt to pull it off, even if it seems loose.

Notify the doctor immediately if:

There is persistent bleeding
The plastic ring slips onto the shaft of the penis
There is excessive swelling
The ring has not fallen off after 8 days
The baby fails to settle
ty ty and ty again. Do you think that maybe they did the plastibell circumcision b/c I had only medicaid and could not pay out of pocket? noone else I know has had this kind done to their son. I am so frustrated with the lady that did it, his pee pee has 3 scars on it and it is getting swollen like now. I cant quit crying. Also I read that a parent should choose which circumcision they want. I didn't know that there was more than one till recently and also I found out that there is 7 different circumcisions. I have only had like 16 hours of sleep in 4 days so maybe I am over reacting, but I dont want his pee pee do be all messed up, and from the way it looks, it is messed up. :( :( :(  
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