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Birth Stories

I figure since we already have one new mamma, that i should add this to our forum just incase any other little one decides to come out.

Your Screen Name:
Your Name (first name only):
Baby's Name (first and middle names only):
Baby's Gender:
Due Date:
Your Story:

PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here.  The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared.
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667829 tn?1297981723
Your Screen Name: oceanv
Your Name (first name only): Joanne
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Mackenzie Katherine
Baby's Gender: Girl
Due Date: 10/19/09
Birthdate: 09/29/09
Weight: 5 lbs 12.5 oz
Height: 19 inches
Your Story:

C-section at 37w+1d.  Due to GD/Climbing Blood Pressure/Small Baby/Placenta Worries.

No complications with surgery or birth (so far).  Baby had no lung, blood sugar issues.  She's a cutie :)

750055 tn?1364774970
Your Screen Name: kellyjo82801
Your Name (first name only): Kelly
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Audrey Nicole
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date:October  23, 2009
Birthdate: October 13, 2009
Weight: 7lbs 03 oz
Height: 20inches
Your Story:
Everything started at 6:00am on Tuesday October 13, 2009. I was up at 6am with Braxton hicks every 5-7minutes apart but didn't think much of it since that was the usual for the past few days leading up to the 13th. I went to wake up my 7yr old and 5yr old for school. I went down stairs to make their breakfast and something for me just in case. I guess in the back of my head I figured I better eat something because more than likely I wouldn't be able to eat till I gave birth. As I was making breakfast my Braxton hicks became more like period cramps. They were still manageable and was timing them to every 5minutes. I went upstairs and told my husband "I don't think I want you to go to work today". I went to take a shower, blow dried my hair, put on some make-up and started putting aside my last minute things for my hospital bag. We said bye to the kids at their bus stop then called my midwife and she said to head down to the hospital just to be checked. She asked if my water had broken or if I had any bloody show but I didn't and never had that with any of my 2 kids. Once I got to the hospital with my hubby they checked me first in a little room and I was 5cm dilated and completely thinned out. They then moved me to labor and delivery room. My mother got there shortly after. My midwife wasn't there until a couple of hours later because she had been at the hospital all night and morning so since I was dilating fast I had to ask for an epidural for the pain. They were getting so intense and was waiting for my antibiotics to be in my system before I started pushing. I had to finish two bags of those through my IV. They broke my water around 2pm. I figured I rather ask for the epidural since I would need it for the next day anyway since I was schedule to have my tubal ligation procedure the next morning at 12:30pm. They broke my water around 2pm. At 5pm I started pushing. Audrey Nicole P. made her grand entrance to the world at 5:14pm. My midwife placed my baby right on my tummy like I had asked on my birth plan. It was sooo emotional that I started crying with my baby. She was perfect. I only had to get a few stitches. Overall everything went so well and like I had planned. Now I’m just recovering and luckily for me I got to have my hubby home helping me for a week and hopefully will have my mother here for the week after my husband goes back to work
796579 tn?1266435624
Your Screen Name: nicole179
Your Name (first name only): Nicole
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Ryder Patrick
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: 10/18/09
Birthdate: 10/12/09
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz
Height: 20 1/2 in
Your Story: I posted it under another post.  i labored at home for 8 hrs and got to hospital fully dialated and started pushing. pushed an hour and a half and had my son on my chest in a total of 12 hours.  He needed 7 days of antibiotics and we are still at hospital, going home tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!
669150 tn?1320690733
Your Screen Name: nickswife
Your Name (first name only): Gigi
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Abby Nickole
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 11/06/09
Birthdate: 10/14/09
Height: 19in
Your Story: I had a c-section due to having one before but also because my amniotic fluid got very low. Had my baby girl at 36w6d and she is perfectly healthy! I am so in love with her, I finally got my girl I always wanted!
761572 tn?1254613702
Your Screen Name: Blakesmommy
Your Name (first name only): Amanda
Baby's Name (first and middle names only):  Beau Isaac
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: At first Oct. 18 then up to Oct. 9
Birthdate: Oct. 1, 2009
Weight: 7lbs. 14.9oz
Height: 19.5 inches
Your Story:  Was admitted into hospital at 1am on Oct 1 to be induced. Cervix was still back and was still not thinned out when I got admitted in. Around 8-9 they gave me my petocin and the Dr called around noon and said she wanted me to have my Epideral so she could come and break my water since I was dilated to a two at that point. From there I started pushing in the 3-4 oclock range and had him at straight up 5pm.

Congrats to all you new moms and soon to be moms
795082 tn?1361905518
Your Screen Name: Claire38
Your Name (first name only): Tiffany
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Madilyn Lilly
Baby's Gender: Girl
Due Date: 19/9/09
Birthdate: 10/12/09
Weight: 6lbs 0oz
Height: 18 1/2 in
Your Story:Need a little history 1st, been in and out of hospital b/c of bleeding and what ended up being timable bh, when i was hooked up to monitor they noticed that when madi would move her heart wouldn't jump up as much as they wanted it too, dr decied for me to get induced on the 10th. well the hospital was swamped on sat so i had to wait til sun. On sun i called and they said they would call when things haved calmed down tere. but around 9am i wasn't feeling her move that much and i realized since i been up at 6 she only moved 2 times which is unusual for her so into hospital they wanted me. Since i was already there they decided to admit me so 1 or so my pit got started. they stopped it around 7 pm so i could get some sleep i was at a 5 then  ( i then got in the HUGE tub and relaxed since i wasnt on an iv) at 6 the next morning they restarted the pit i was at a loose five then by time dr came at 715 i was between 6-7 and moving fast i asked for the epidural and when he was giving me it i could feel my body start to push her out boy what an odd feeling trying to go against ur own body and not push with it. finally around 830 hubby made it to hosp (he was working) and with 20 min of pushing at 924 am madilyn was born.

for being 3 days over due she is quite small, dr was happy i got induced since she wasnt growing any more
559862 tn?1311520237
Your Screen Name: britni84
Your Name (first name only): britni
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Avery Jo
Baby's Gender: female
Due Date: 10/28
Birthdate: 10/29
Weight: 6lbs 13 oz
Height: 19inches
Your Story: I had my last appt on Wednesday October 28th (her due date) and had a scheduled induction for the 29th at 5am. My doctor checked me, I was still just a fingertip and 70% thinned so she decided she wanted me to go in that evening and have cervadil put in. Slightly frantic, my husband and I rushed home to clean the house, do some last minute laundry and pack for the hospital. We were admitted that evening at 7pm. Once hooked up to the monitors the nurse informs me that I'm having contractions, although they just felt like braxton hicks to me. We didn't get a lot of sleep that night, finally fell asleep at midnight and was up at 4am to take a shower and get ready for the big day. By 5:30am they had started me on pitocin. My doctor came around 9am to check me, I was 1cm but she went ahead and broke my water. I progressed slowly throughout the day, by the afternoon the contractions were coming on very strong. My doctor offered me stadol to take the "edge off", it made me totally loopy. I would fall asleep and wake up in a contraction, and it didn't take the pain away. I would not recommend it, my family says I kept talking about wanting a "big needle in my back"!! I got my epidural sometime around 3pm, it was AMAZING! I felt a small ***** from the local but didn't feel a thing when he put in the epidural. I was checked again and was at a 6. By evening I was tired and hungry but finally told it was time to push around 7pm, I was feeling alot of butt pressure. My nurse had me try a practice push but quickly told me to stop. She said that it wouldn't take alot of pushing and she needed to call my doctor. My doctor finally arrived, pushing started at 8:40 and Avery Jo entered this world at 8:50pm!!! I think my epidural was wearing off because I could feel her coming out. I only pushed through 4 contractions!! She came out the cleanest baby I've ever seen, and barely crying. She was beautiful, weighed 6lbs 13 oz and was 19 inches long!! We are in love
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Your Screen Name: tivey
Your Name (first name only): Ave
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Alannah Louise
Baby's Gender: female
Due Date: 10/28
Birthdate: 10/23
Weight: 7lbs
Height: 50cm
Your Story:
Natural birth no drugs - thanks to hypbobirthing. Would say more but she is crying and needs feeding.
best, Ave
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