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BIRTH STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BIRTH STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know we have some September babies that just can't wait to get here.  Please Mommies, share your birth stories here.

Your Screen Name:
Your Name (first name only):
Baby's Name (first and middle names only):
Baby's Gender:
Due Date:
Your Story:

PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here.  The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared.

Thanks for the suggestion!!  This is a great one!!!
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Your Screen Name: sphillips
Your Name (first name only): Stacey
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Elijah Alan
Baby's Gender: boy
Due Date: 9/13/09
Birthdate: 8/6/09 (born at 34.5 weeks)
Weight: 5lbs 5oz
Height: 19.5 inches
Your Story: I had some cramping while taking my shower at 10pm on Wed day. I thought it was just gas or something so I went to bed. I woke up several times from the pain and finaly got up to see what was going on. I noticed when I went to the restroom at around 2 am that I had bloody show. I got really scared and woke up my DH. We called the midwife and she had me take a hot bath to try to slow/stop the contractions. They kept getting closer and closer together so we headed to the hospital around 3:30 or 4 am. My contractions were about 1 min long and about 2 min apart by the time we got checked in. When they did a vaginal exam and discovered that I was already at a 9 and there was no turning back. They took me to the delivery room and I only had about 30 mins of contractions before I felt that I needed to push. I started pushing at 6:30 and he was born at 8:02. He came out crying but limp. He was so tired from the labor. They took him to the NICU where he stayed for 12 hours until he could keep his temp up and his heart rate down. Now he is in the room with me and we are expected to go home by Tuesday! This wasn't the birth we planned but Elijah couldn't wait through the full moon and the extreme low preasure storm that came through. Although I didn't give birth at home, I still had my natural childbirth. It hurt but was SO worth it. I hope the rest of you make it closer to 40 weeks.  Love ~Stac
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Awww, congratulations Stacey! I'm glad you and Elijah are doing well.
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Awwww, Stacey, I was wondering where you have been.  Im glad you guz are doing well, cant wait to see the pics.
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Congratulations!  Glad you are both doing well.  Enjoy your little one!
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PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here.  The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared.
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Your Screen Name: Nicmom
Your Name (first name only): Nicole
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Isabella Nicole
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 9/16/09
Birthdate: 8/15/09
Weight: 5.8
Height: 17in
Your Story:
As most of you know I had been having problems with preterm labor. I was in the hospital on Wednesday night thinking it was the real deal, but nope went home on Thursday morning. Then Friday night I woke up around 1 not feeling quite right. By 2 the contractions had started. I kept up with 5 minute contractions all night and into the next day. By 8am I started to have lots of bloody show, but since the contractions didn't feel that strong I opted to stay at the house as long as possible. I clean my house did some laundry played video games with my husband and just hung out. By 1pm the spotting had turned bright red and minutes later I started to have painful contractions. We headed to the hospital around 1:30. I was only 4cm when we got here, but having very strong contractions. They offered me pain meds that I turned down thinking I was going to try natural LOL. By 2:30 I was screaming for them to check me again, I was at 6. I was moved into a birthing suite and given an epidural by about 3 or 3:30 my timeline was a little fuzzy because I was in so much pain. OMG the contractions hurt. Thank god for the epidural! Minutes after I got it I was laughing and smiling at everyone. They checked me again and I was at 8. About 15 minutes later I was at 10, but my water hadn't broken. They were hoping it wouldn't since the dr wasn't there yet. We waited for the dr for about 20 or 30 minutes. She walked in, broke my water, and then 2 pushes later Bella came out! The epi was perfect because I didn't go all the way numb. I still could feel and move my legs, but wasn't in any real pain. I held my own legs back and pushed her out with no trouble at all. Only two little tiny stitches! Because she was just shy of 36 weeks she went to the NICU for 4 hours. Shes doing great and going home with me tomorrow morning. We're sitting around the hospital room now just taking it easy and feeling sore, but good. She is breastfeeding GREAT SUCCESS! I'm pretty excited about that. Once I get home I'll be sure to post more pictures.

Good luck everyone!
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Your Screen Name: Therese101
Your Name (first name only): Therese
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Lily Ann
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 7 September
Birthdate: 21st August
Weight: 3.04kg
Height: 47cm
Your Story:
Went in to be induced on the thursday night, they started with hooking me up to the CTG machine to trace her heartbeat for about an hour. After they were sure everything was ok they examined me and put in the gel. After that i started to get a little crampy but nothing too severe. I was then given sleeping pills and went off to sleep for the night. In the morning i was examined again and was found to be only 1cm however the gel had helped so they decided to put in more and go from there. Contractions started soon after at 8 mins apart and progressed from there. My Ob came in at about 11 and broke my waters and hooked me up to start meds to speed up the contractions since i was only 2-3cm at that point. I was actually in quite a bit of pain so i tried out the gas which seemed to work well at the time considering the contractions were not that severe. Within an hour they were coming every 3mins so i decided that i had had enough and ordered my epidural. I was actually pretty scared to get the epidural but it turned out to be a piece of cake, didnt hurt at all. Well the epidural wore off after about 30mins and my pain was back, when they topped me up it didnt work at all. So all i had was the gas, turns out towards the end its not effective at all, all it did was help me focus on my breathing to get through the contractions. I was then checked again at 5pm and was at 9 cm within mins i had the urge to push and after almost an hour of pushing my husband lifted her up on to my chest, She is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, it was love at first sight, We are still in the hospital at the moment and are due to come home on tuesday or wednesday. I ended up with 3 stitches and a sore back from the epi but it was all worth it in the end! good luck everyone
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Your Screen Name: amberd5191
Your Name (first name only): Amber
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Carter Lee
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: 09/10/2009 (original 09/04/09)
Birthdate: 08/22/09
Weight: 5lb 15 oz
Height: 19 inches
Your Story: While after my scheduled induction got rescheduled to Saturday morning I was a bit apprehensive that it would even happen. However the doctor came in at 8:30 and broke my water I was 1.5cm. They didn't want me to get up and walk around because I needed at least 4 hours worth of penicillin for the GBS. I literally was making no progress and decided it was time for an epidural when the contractions were 2 min apart and lasting 1+ min each. (After being put on pitocin for hours). I think at 8pm I was finally at 4cm...and not real happy about it. Starting at around 6 I was put on oxygen because he was having massive decelerations in his heart rate during contractions. By 10:55 I was 7-8. As soon as she checked me I said I need to push and they basically ignored me. Finally at 11 I said no seriously his head is coming out. The doctor wasn't in so I had to wait until she came in to push (was not happy) and his head was right there. 1 contraction later and he was out. 11:24 pm. He is a peanut and I'm exhausted but he was worth it. His poor head is cone shaped from hitting my cervix for nearly 15 hours...pretty much bald a small amount of peach fuzz (brownish).
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Your Screen Name: Stacey1718
Your Name (first name only): Stacey
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Jake Harrison
Baby's Gender: Boy
Due Date: Sept 5
Birthdate: Aug 12 (planned c-section)
Weight: 6lbs
Height: 20 inches
Your Story:
C-section was planned for Aug 12.  Everything went fine and Jake was born at 2:07pm.  Immediately he was having some respiratory issues.  He was whisked off to the NICU before I even had a chance to see him or touch him.  After 2 days in the NICU his health deteriorated and his breathing was worse. They insisted he had fluid and a possible infection.  His left lung eventually collapsed and he was rushed to a level 3 NICU at a more equipped hospital.  Within 48 hours he improved.  It turned out that his lungs were a little underdeveloped and not fluid filled or infected.  Once he was treated for the right issue, he bounced back.  He finally came home with us on Aug 21.  He is healthy and doing really well. :)
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Your Screen Name: Juana824
Your Name (first name only): Tijuana
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): MaKayla Taliya
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 09/09
Birthdate: 08/27
Weight: 5lbs 15oz
Height: 18in
Your Story: On Tuesday, I had my normal prenatal appointment. All was well until they took my BP. It was elevated. So they took it again and again it was elevated (can't remember the exact number)..I was then sent in for bloodwork and told to do a 24 hour urine collection and thento go home. I was also told to call the doc if I started to have headaches, vision changes, swelling, I went home. On Wednesday, I woke up nauseaous and with a headache...When I got to work, I starte seeng black spots and the headsche would not let up so I called my doc and they sent me into the OB Triage. On the way there, I begin to have contractions seven minutes apart..when I reached the OB Triage and my BP was taken it was 153/108(or very near that number)! ! After monitoring me for about two hours, I was admitted and told that I was going to be induced. I was put in a room and the cirvedel (sp?) was given at this point I was still 1cm...they checked me again after 12 hours and I was 2cm..I was checked again after 2 hours and I was back to 1cm! YIKES!! The contractions were 5 minutes but my waters hadn't broken and I was still onaly at 2cm. Around 12pm I was checked again and I finally progressed to 4cm. The doc broke my wter bag and I was given my epidural...everything was great and then my baby's heartrate would skyrocket with each contraction and then correct itself...then it would drop too low so doc said "we have worked too hard and waited too long to have this baby, I am scheduling a c-section for 1pm"...I was in tears by then...but I wanted what was best for my baby. After that, everything happened so fast. I was taken to OR and prepped, Michael was led in and the incision little one was born at 1:30pm on the dot. She's a little peanut with a lot of spunk and I love her soooo much! She is very healthy and I cannot wait to take her home!!!  
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Your Screen Name: chantal21
Your Name (first name only): Chantal
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Jesse Alexander
Baby's Gender: BOY
Due Date: Sept. 30, 2009
Birthdate: Sept. 6, 2009
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
Height: 17 3/4 in.
Your Story:       I was on bedrest for 8 weeks due to pre-term labor. At 28 weeks I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. By 32 weeks I was 4cm dilated and 80% effaced, had to stop labor. I was able to hold on until I was 36 weeks, when my OB would hand me back over to my midwife! I was so excited when Sept. 1st rolled around and there was no more bedrest!
I had an appt. on 9-2-09 (36w), and was 5cm dilated and almost 100% effaced. On 9-5-09 (36w 3d) I just wasn't feeling well and had diarrhea for the past 2 days. Still wasn't contracting regularly though. Had a little bit of spotting, and slightly achy back. I felt kinda stupid going in on a sat. at 4pm to see my midwife, but she was happy to check me and see what was going on. She checked me and I was 5-6cm and 100% effaced and measuring 38 weeks. She said it could be hours or weeks still. Got back home around 5pm and had tons of bloody mucus every bathroom trip. Contractions finally started, on their own, at 6pm, every 2-3 min. very consistent, but not painful at all. We decided that at 7:30pm, if they stayed consistent we would head to the midwife so I could get there in time to get the antibiotics (which I did!). I called her at 8pm and told her I think I am in labor and but it's not painful (I've had so many false alarms so I was hesitant) I cleaned up, did some laundry, and took a shower, got a sitter for Jeremiah, put him to bed and headed to the midwife's house. We arrived at 9pm and I was 6-7cm and 100% effaced and his head was super low. Went for a long walk, about an hour. Came back and was 7cm. Broke my water at 10:30pm and contractions started picking up a bit and getting closer.
His heart rate never budged, it was perfect. By 11:30 was 8cm. Starting to get more intense.
We didn't set up the tub, but I was glad. Wasn't really interested in being in water at the time anyway.
By 1:43 I felt the urge to push and in just 4 pushes and at 1:57am he was out!! I couldn't believe it. I didn't even tear this time. yay! Jesse is perfect in every way!! He has golden/brownish hair, tons of it. I thought I was going to have another red head!!  =)
He needed a bit of oxygen at first, because my midwife was concerned he wasn't crying enough and being early, wanted to be sure he was okay. He was 3 1/2 weeks early. When he came out he let out a whimper, just like my first son had done and didn't cry anymore. He was fine though after about 10 minutes. I guess my babies just don't cry a lot when they come out! He was latched and nursing 10 min. after birth and is still doing great!! After he was done nursing, James cut the cord.
I had a scare, like I did with Jeremiah regarding bleeding. After the placenta was out, I started bleeding really bad and had to get 2 shots in my leg, some herbs, and a pill to stop the bleeding. How scary!!! We got it under control and I am fine now. The bleeding was much worse this time around and my husband was a little scared!
My midwife examined the placenta and we think we have figured out what was causing the pre-term labor. One side was smooth, and the other full of craters and weird looking. She said it looked like a 43 week placenta, not a 36 week. It was deteriorating and that's why my body was going into labor early from weeks 28-36. It was kinda saying, baby would be safer outside the womb. Thankfully, he is okay!
She examined Jesse and he wasn't wrinkled like a preemie, which was great! He was completely healthy for a 36 weeker and breathing great! No issues whatsoever. I couldn't believe how short he was! lol Newborn diapers are a bit big on him though. Jeremiah never even wore newborn diapers!
Jesse was born at 1:57am and we were home safe and sound in our nice comfy bed by 5am. I loved that part!
Overall, I had a great experience and can't believe I went all natural again. It was very painful the last hour. I have to say, the after pains of birth are horrible this time around. I hear it can be a lot worse with each baby you have. I never felt the tummy pains like this with Jeremiah. It's almost like I'm in labor again and it's of course worse when he nurses. ouchie!!

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Your Screen Name: eachatelain
Your Name (first name only): Ashley
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Mickey Davyd
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: September 15
Birthdate: September 8
Weight: 6lb 15oz
Height: 20in
Your Story: So I woke up Tues morning, with what I assumed to just be a severe backache...I attempted to put a heat pad on it, lay down, and relax in hopes that it would ease off as the day wore on. About 11AM I noticed that the pain would occassionally intensify, and felt like it was wrapping around my uterus, and then easing back off again. My mom had back labor with my little sister, and so I called her to find out if maybe that's what back labor felt like because they told me at my first ultrasound that I was probably going to have bad back labor because of where  the placenta was located. Well, she said yes, and so I started timing them as contractions at noon. They were coming about every 4-6 min, and intensifying, so I called my midwife to ask her if maybe I should come in to be checked out before my 3:30 appt. She said yeah, probably, and so I got there about 1:45 and found out I was at 2cm and 80% effaced. She gave us an 80% chance of having him Tuesday.....and told me I could go home and wait it out a little longer, or go to the hospital if I felt more comfortable with that. We decided to grab something to eat and go visit DH's parents, and about 3 I decided it was time to go to the hospital. By that time, they were exactly 4min apart and getting pretty strong.. Got in a room at 3:30, slowly dilated to 5-6cm by 8 and by 9 I was at 8cm. I then opted for the epidural because I was in an amazing amount of pain esp in my lower back, and they were coming less than 30sec apart and lasting for 1.5min or longer. I got the epidural and it kicked in about 10:15, I started pushing at 11:05 and our son was born at 11:33!!! He's beautiful, and is a very good baby. He's hardly fussy at all.. so far we're still perfecting breastfeeding but we're getting there! I am supplementing with formula because I am terrified that he's not getting enough to eat... I'm very neurotic. But I have very little discomfort and am very satisfied with how it all went!!!
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Your Screen Name: Asking4amiracle
Your Name (first name only): Amberlee
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Bryce Deran
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: September 30 2009
Birthdate: September 15 2009
Weight: 5lbs 11oz
Height: 18in
Your Story: I went in for my normal nst and fluid check and while I was on the heart monitoring his heart rate dipped down to single digits and dissapeard for a few seconds and came back in the really low 100s. My nurse took it off and rushd it to the dr who then came in and explained that he thought the cord was being compressed. They unhooked me and sent me immediatly to the hospital for induction. We (my MIL and I) arrived at 4ish and Jason arrived shortly after. I was in my room and pytocin started at exactly 5:30. Contractions started picking up and 5 hours later, they checked me and my cervix was super soft and almost completely effaced but I was only 5cm. My OB wouldn't give them the ok to break my water an nurse kept saying that she thought if my water broke that things would move a lot quicker. Well since I wasn't dilating and yet my contractions were getting stronger and a lot more painful there was no way I was going to sit in pain for who knew how long so I got an epidural. That was at 12:15am. Well shortly after his heart rate dipped really low again so they spent forever moving me over side to side and then gave me an oxygen mask. His HR returned to normal but I started getting the worst pressure in my butt and felt he need to push. They checked me and I was complete. They called my OB and once she got there, 2 pushes and he was here at 2:48am. The cord was wrapped around his neck, arm and leg. Thus the heart decelerations. But he came out screaming and perfect and we could not ask for
more!! He is having some problems latching on and gets really tired while eating but he is doing much better this evening and we are expected to head home in the morning!! He is 5lbs 11oz 18in and so good!!!!!! Pictures soon!!!!  
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Your Screen Name: slzerbst
Your Name (first name only): Sarah
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Owen Byron
Baby's Gender: boy
Due Date: 9/13/09
Birthdate: 9/16/09
Weight: 7lbs 1oz
Height: 20inches
Your Story: I arrived at the hospital at 7am on 9/15 for my schedualled induction, i went strait to my room, undressed, began filling out all of my paper work along with baby's... finally at 8am they started the pitocin and the IV fluids.  There was no change at 12pm when my doc came and cheeked me, however, he broke my water and literly stuck his hand in there to figure out what was going on... well I was only 1cm, and my contractions picked up both their pace and their intensity after that, so the doc ordered some IV pain meds, that would take the edge off, but I still was having to breath through them pretty difficultly... so at 4pm yesterday the doc ordered my epidural, which let me to tell you didn't hurt nearly as bad as everyone has talked about!!!  Any who I was able to relax and take a brake and even yet get some sleep... well at 7pm the nurse came in and cheeked me again, and I was around 4-5cm, then at 8pm i was around 5-6cm, then 9pm I remained the same, 10pm I was around 6-7cm, 11pm I was the same, 12am I was 7-8cm and at which point they did notify the doc that with each contraction the baby's heart rate was droping down to 80bpm (normally around 140bpm), so he once again rechead up in there and messed around with everything, trying to get me to contract more and figure out how I was going to get this baby out.  Well they cheeked me at 1am(approximatly) and I was ready to push, well by this time my epi had worn off so I was feeling literly everything, and my body was so drained from the whole day's work that I mentally couldn't take it any more, and all of the nurses here seem to think wtf is she doing with the epi so early, and everything else... but I'm sorry they probably have never been in labor and need the pitocin to help them contract... any who I pushed for a while and the doc finally came in and looked at the moniter and said that he would need to "help the baby along..." which I was happy about since I couldn't take the pain any more.  At which time he cut me, and from what my hubby did say is that I have a pretty hefty cut down there, and who after he did that, he stuck the vacuum in me and waited for the next contraction, with that I pushed and he was out in 5 "good pushes."  But it wasn't easy and his head was huge, but now he's got an awfull cone shape going on... but you can tell where he was sitting inside of me and how I was unable to push him down any furthur, and his heart rate kept diping, which made me worry... and I think the doc as well, so he was out at 2:16am!!!  

Now we are working on brestfeeding, however, I feel like I'm not giving him anything and I worry that he wont be able to come home tomorrow, but we will see tomorrow what he weighs and all of his vital signs... until then he's sitting here in my lap, cuz he's being stubern and not sleeping :( but we are working on everything!
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Your Screen Name: Latrice
Your Name (first name only): Latrice
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Havent decided yet, will know later 2nite
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 9-18-09
Birthdate: 9-18-09
Weight: 7lbs 15ounces
Height: 21inches
Your Story: Went in at 10am to be induced on thursday 9-17-09 got situated and hooked up to the poticin at 11am, i was having contraction when they hooked me up to monitor, i thought it was braxton hicks i was feeling all this time but she said no those are contractions so i figured wow i should be having this baby within the next 8 hours.  Contractions were every 2-4 min, at 3:15 the broke my water bag and contractions got stronger,at 4pm i was getting an epidural and i was fine:)  I was only 4cm dialated. she checked me at 5pm and i was still 4cm and only 60% effaced at 8pm no change at 10pm i was 6-7cm and 70% effaced.  From 10pm to 3:30 am the next day i was still 6-7cm, by this time my mother and sister went home, my sister had to work at 8am.  My ex-fiance was there with me. 4:30 im crying and upset that i have not changed and i was very uncomfortable with my legs being so numb, i told the nurse to cal my dr and tell her i want a c-section, i was out of it and was having hunger headaches, last time i had something to eat was 9-17-09 at 8:30, felt like i was being starved to death. The nurse told me my dr was on here way to the hospital bcuz she had a total of 4 women having babies. 6:30 im on the call light crying when is she coming i cant take it any more, then the nurse checked me and said well your ar 8cm, i said i dont care 8.9, i want the baby out now. I said my water bag has been broken since 3:15 and i dont want to wait to 3:15 pm to be told i have to have a c-section, she said as long as the baby is not in any distress your dr may make you wait b4 the 24hour mark of having your water bag broke.  Of course i was pissed.  Then ex-fiance gets up from sleeping bcuz he hears me yelling and rubs my head and say just relax and take deep breathes you cant get threw this.  My dr shows up at 7:30 and said if you didnt make any progress we will do a c-section, she checked me and i was 9cm and told the nurse to put me in position to start pushing, she was going cross the hall to deliver a baby and wold be back. so at 7:45 i started pushing with contractions and boy did my bottom hurt, i was like i thought the epidural takes care of this pain. i pushed and pushed and then she says stop, i can see the head, we gota wait for the dr.  how do you just stop pushing, dr came in, i continued to push then i started crying, they had me do 4 sets of pushing and after the 4th i was out of breath and could not push, my mom came and held my hand saying she is almost out, ex-fiance was like you can do it.  So one last push and she was out. No stitches, i was amazed she was only an ounce away from being 8lbs.  Dr put her on my chest and i got to bond and nurse her right away, it was a joyful moment, i was so emotional and i just love her to death.  She is so beautiful, I was crying, ex fiance, my mom and even my dr, she said she was happy for me bucz of how hard i took the m/c in june of 08; I just cant beleive my induction took that da mn long:(  but it was worth it in the long run.  I got go home and find my baby pic, i swear she almost resembles that pic. We are not settled in our room.  
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Your Screen Name: AriQueen
Your Name (first name only): Arianna
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Brandon Raphael
Baby's Gender: Boy
Due Date: 09/18/09
Birthdate: 9/16/09
Weight: 8 lbs 05 oz
Height: 21 1/2 inches
Your Story:

Well, as you all know I was being induced on Wednesdesday mornin 9/16/09. I admitted  myself on Tuesday night at about 6pm a little earlier than I had anticipated b/c I started to get contractions. When I arrived at the hospital I was 3 cm dilated. I was admitted and the cervidral medication was put on hold (the meds that help you soften the cervix) b/c I had already lost my plug and didn't need it. By 10pm that night my contractions were 5-7 mins apart and I was 4.5 cm dilated. I was in pain and couldn't take the contractions anymore so I asked for the epidural. The nurse suggested I wait since I was only 4 cm dilated and that she would give me some medication to help me sleep since I was going to be there all night. Well, I took her advice and took some ambience (sp) to help me sleep. Well, that didn't help b/c that pain continued and I just couldn't take it anymore. They nurses came in and gave me the epidural. Shortly after that I was feeling shortness of breath and couldn't move my legs...I think it was b/c of the sleeping pill medication and the epidural and my body was reacting to it. I was put on oxygen b/c my blood pressue was low and the babies heart beat started to decrease. I was shifted position and put on oxygen and then was fine.

By 6am Wednesday morning I was 7-8 cm dilated. My ob came in a few hours after that and put me on pytocin (sp*) to speed the contractions and my water was broken at 8am. My ob returned to the room by 12:30 pm to check up on me and I had made no progress. He returned later at around 2pm and nothing....he checked me again and said my pelvic area/birth canal was too small to push this large baby. I was like large baby? WHAT THE HECK, you told me he was going to be about 7lbs...I was in shocked. So he then says, oh and on top of that, his head is not far enoughj for you to push and he is starting to get a lump on his head. His heart rate started to decrease as well and was being under distress. My ob pulled my sister and hubby aside and said " I am sorry for the safety of the baby and mom, I have to perform an emergency c-section." I was SOO DEVASTED b/c you all know how I felt about having natural birth and breaking the c-section curse in my family.

To make the story short, I was prepapred within one hour for the and Brandon was born at 4:41 pm on
9/16 weighing 8 lbs 5onces 21 1/2 inches long! He is adorable. Cute as button and very alert. He has his daddy's personality and is very low key. I am so in love with being a mom....I cannot wait fast enough to recover from the c-section so I can do more things with my little guy. Thanks for all the support ladies throughout the pregnancy and I hope to continue to talk to guys through this wonderful experience. Oh on another note,  He is latching pretty well, I just waiting on my milk to come in.....

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Okay, I know we have some September babies that just can't wait to get here.  Please Mommies, share your birth stories here.

Your Screen Name: Michele, Katy, TX
Your Name (first name only):  Michele
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Mary Faith
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 9-13-09
Birthdate: 9-10-09
Weight: 7lbs 2.7 ounces
Height: 19 1/2 inches
Birth Time:  12:02 p.m.
Your Story:

I went into the hospital on 9-10 to be induced.  I wanted to be induced so my doc was there since my due date was on a Sunday.  I just knew I would go into labor over the weekend and my doc would not be the one to deliver, so I chose to have the induction.  So, I went in at 6:00 a.m.  They did all the prep work and started my drip.  I got my epi at 8:30 but I had a feeling he did something wrong.  I just had this feeling.  Well, I was right.  It wore off on my left side and I was numb on my right side until the next morning.  If it's done right, you shouldn't only feel it on one side.  Anyway, I progressed pretty quickly.  Once I got to a 6, I was a 10 in no time at all and Mary Faith made her entrance at 12:02 p.m.  It only took a few pushes too.  I did tare just a bit and had to have a few stiches, but was fine other than that.  BUT then, they gave me some medicine in my IV called Stadol (sp??).  It was to stop the itching from the epi.  Well, that made me really sick and I threw up everything I had just eaten.  I was feeling really bad the rest of the day and night.  It was terrible.  And I felt like I had been run over by a truck.  I was so sore and my back was hurting.  I was just feeling really rough.  So overall it was okay.  Had some problems that I don't normally have but all was well.

Good luck to the mother that we have that still haven't given birth!

715930 tn?1338726036
Your Screen Name: lmc2132
Your Name (first name only):  Lynne
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Samuel Sleigh
Baby's Gender: Boy
Due Date: 9-12-09
Birthdate: 9-15-09
Weight: 7lbs 9.9 ounces
Height: 18 1/2 inches
Birth Time:  11:10 p.m.
Your Story:

I woke Tuesday morning with labor symptoms--contractions, and an hour later my water broke.  We headed to the hospital by noon.  Labor proceeded quickly, and by around 5 (5cm dilated) I was demanding an epidural!  I got that done and felt much more at ease.  By 9pm I was 9 cm, one more hour to get to 10, and then pushed him out in about an hour.  I can't believe I actually did it!  Sam is healthy and doing well.  

I will journal about this soon, but learning to breastfeed has been so far the biggest challenge of my life.  Every day I am on the verge of quitting, and then I have a breakthrough...then another setback.  I had no idea this would be so hard, not just the physical part but the emotional part where all I care about in the world is feeding my son, and am struggling to do so.  Today is another day though and I haven't given up yet.

Love and congrats to everyone!
-Lynne (LMC)

1052015 tn?1253848587
Your Screen Name: ematic1
Your Name (first name only):  Kelley Lynn
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Haven Lynn
Baby's Gender: F
Due Date: 09-14-09
Birthdate: 09-01-09
Weight: 6lbs 15oz
Height: 20.5in
Your Story: I went in sept. 1st at 5:30 a.m. to get my frank breech baby turned. She turned so they induced me n all that good stuff at 7:00 a.m. At noon they checked her n she was still turned but had her hand on top of her head. They checked her again a few times and at 2:00 p.m decided to take her ECS because her hand was still on top of her head. My baby was and still is very stubborn. They had to put me to sleep during the c-section because the epidural would never kick in.
296027 tn?1287762643

Your Screen Name: Shawndell
Your Name (first name only): Shawnda (Awna)
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Aliviyah Tyler-Marie
Baby's Gender: Female
Due Date: 9*27*09
Birthdate: 9*23*09
Weight: 7lbs 1oz
Height: 19 3/4 in
Your Story:
         It all started on Monday 9*21*09, I wasn`t feeling good, so me and daddy went to the hospital. They hooked me to the monitor, checked my cervix and I was completely closed, baby still high up but 50% effaced. I was a little sad, cause due date was right around the corner and I wasn`t making progress. So me and daddy come home and do the *nasty* =] and we went and walked on the treadmill for a mile. Then on Tuesday, I woke cramped on and off all day, wasn`t thinking anything of it, due to me having sex the night before. Well me and daddy wanted to make things happen, so we did the *nasty* again, and went and walked for a mile and half on the treadmill. I got in the bed at 9 p.m. and daddy was on the floor playing his xbox, and I sat there watching him and watching youtube videos. At 12 a.m. I noticed I was getting these cramps again (not painful what soever) and they had a pattern. So I went to contraction and timed them..and they were coming sporadically but still with a pattern of no less than 7 mins apart. I told daddy and he was like lets go to the hospital and I told him no, they don`t hurt and I don`t want to go and get sent back home like we did yesterday. He said well if they keep going for two hours we are going. I said fine. Well at 2 a.m. they were every 5 mins...Still not painful and we started towards the hospital. When we get there they hook me up, check my cervix and I was already 4-5 cm dilated at 75% effaced! WE were SHOCKED! Greg was like its really happening!!! They called my dr. and he said if I haven`t made any progress by 6a.m. to start the pitocin. Well it seems like everyone was having their babies that night, (it was so full, I`ll tell you later on that) but they came in and checked my cervix and 7 a.m. and I was still at 5 cm. So they started the pitocin, asked me if I wanted the epidural and I said no, I`m doing good. The nurses and all were impressed cause I talked through all my contractions. At 9:30 a.m. the nurse came in and said your dr. wants us to break your water. And after we break it, the contractions will probably come a little closer together, so would you like the epidural. I said sure. The dr. came in broke my water, and then the anesthesiologist came in and administered me and epidural. (It wasn`t as bad as I thought, just burned, but when the tube is back is sore.) My nursed up the pitocin speed and at 10:45 a.m. I called my mom and was like where are you, the nurse checked me and I`m at 7 cm. My mom arrived at about 11 at my contractions were coming every 3 minutes. At 11:30 I dilated to a 9 and the nurses came in and said we are gonna do some practice pushes. My contractions were literally one after another. We did a practice push and they were like hun your gonna have to push harder than that, we do the next one and they were like your doing great, I see her head, then we do two more and they were like she has a lot of hair, they bring me the mirror and I saw where her head was crowned. After those 4 practice pushes Aliviyah decides she wants to come out on her own. The nurse was like she is trying to come and is pushing her head back in waiting for the dr. Well Greg looks at me and says `Awna are you pushing?` I said no, why? All the nurses looked and was like come on she is coming with out the dr. And Aliviyah poked her head out and her hand at the same time. I didn`t push at all. She came out all on her own, and they just pulled her body, then my dr. walks in and stitched me up. I tore naturally. Got 4 stitches. But all is worth it and I felt no pain! It was by far the BEST experience I have ever been through, and Greg and I would totally do it all over again. =]
644974 tn?1312761670
Your Screen Name: bimbicat7
Your Name (first name only):  Emma
Baby's Name: Levi
Baby's sex: Male
Due Date: 25th sept 09
Birthdate: 10th sept 09
Weight: 8.14lb
Height: 55cm
Birth Time:  3.50am
Your Story:

After a pregnency of pain and a few scares along the way the pain finally got to much for me to bare due to my SI Joint dysfunction and bad carpel tunnel and swelling, I finally was seen by a dr that was sympathetic and agreed to induce me the following day, but warned me that if an emergancy came up in the meantime it may be delayed he said he totally understood and could see how much pain i was in , i had been on crutches since 32 weeks!  So that night i could hardly sleep i was just so excited yet nervous as well, i had to ring the hospital at 5am to confirm the induction , i phoned them and was sadly told that it was very busy in l& d and to call back at 7am, i was now convinced it wasnt going aheas and i was so upset and angry anyhow i called back at 7am and was told to come in!! wow this was finally happening! we arrived at the hospital after taking the boys to mums and was taken to l&d and assesed i was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was soft but bubs head was still very high up.  They applied the gel and put me on the monitors for a while everything was fine and they sent me up to the maternity ward to wait for any progress.
we waited there in our own room which was nice and chatted and rested a little, at lunch time i was having pains and contractions were intensifying, by 2pm i was wanting the hot shower and each contraction was more painful than the last and only about 5 mins apart lasting 45secs,
the shower was so good and really helped we then waited a while longer and were taken back down to l&d at about 6pm to be reassed. i was the only one in the l&d ward! the dr came and i was put on the monitor and they noted i was having regular contractions now, they said that as i was contracting they would not apply more gel to my cervix as it could cause overstilulation of the uterus, so they assed me and i was at a good 2cm and very soft and short, she agreed to break my water doing a controlled arm (artificial rupture of membranes) as the head was still high up she held bubs head with her fingers as she broke my water which took along time and was extreamly painful as she had to get the hook around my cervix and the side of bubs head. she gave me the gas aas she did this and i really needed it! she gently let babys head lower and sit onot my cervix i got up and used the irthing ball and birthing stool for a while and then needed the gas also. i got back onto the bed and the nurse checked me it was now about 10pm and i was leaning over the bed head with the gas, i wa sin alot of pain and was scared i was dying it was a sureal feeling like floating out of the pain i really thought i was going to die!
i was now 5cm but the head still very high and the contractons very intense as the drip was increasing and bringing with it painful contractions.
the nurse couldnt understand why it was taking so long as i had my last son in 4hrs and he was over 9lb! after being checked again and not much had changed other than the pain greatly intensifying! she suggested i have an epi... i hadnt wanted this but things were not going to plan, i agreed but the anethitist was in thetre and i had to wait! in the meantime the nurse gave me pethadine, i dont hink that did much, i remeber the anethetist reading me the info on the epi and i just wanted it done!
finially it was working and although it gave releif i still had alot of pain and was feelign contractions bad on one side! so i was using the gas as well, by now the pethadine was making me feel sick, it was horrible i just wanted it over, finally i had urges to push and was told to just go with what felt right, after alot of hard pushing at 3.50am  baby Levi was born, he was not breathing and was totally purple! i was very scared and screaming for help! he was rushed to the resusitation trolly and suddenly dr appeared from out of no where! he neer cried and although he was now breathing he was grunting, and i knew it wasnt right, we were eventually taked up to the maternity ward and before we even got in the door of our room the nurse said im not happy with his breathing he must go to special care nursery, well he never came back from there, he was eventually ventilated and tubed can canulated and given alot of drugs before being tranfered to nicu at a very big childrens hospital in brisbane, my world had fallen, i was crashig and hadnt slept in 36hrs! i was a mess my baby had gone and i was still in alot of pain.
the next mornign i was dischared and was able to go to brisbane and see my baby boy, i was so shcoked he was covered in wires and beeping machines and was on the was horrible!!!! i was crying and felt so angry this had to happen to him i was so sad!
afte r7 days in nicu baby levi was aloud home !
he is doing well now and we are so glad its all over and we can just have him with us, it was the hardest week of my life, but also a very special one.
thankyou to god for looking after our boy.
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