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What is the difference between, Contractions, Braxton Hicks, Cramping a...
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What is the difference between, Contractions, Braxton Hicks, Cramping and Round ligament pains

Hey ladies i just had a question, what the hell is the difference, i no true contractions dont ease up with rest and braxton hicks do. But when i went to er that told me i was having round ligament pains and cramping from the dehydration so my uterus is irritable, what the hell does irritable mean, bcuz it felt like it was contracting to me, and it would happen every 5 min, well hell it happened every 3-5 min or every 5-7 min for 3 whole days and two of the days i just laid in bed and it did not ease up, that was the week i went to er two days in a row and they told me the same thing.

Im lost, i was just reading a few post where you ladies said you had contractions, im just trying to figure out the difference and trying to relate it to what i experienced(which i thought i was having contractions but according to the ER DR and the Monitor they were not)
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well cramping and the braxton hicks with regard to pregnancy are pretty much the same.

The ligament pain occurs as the result of uterus growing and pulling onthe ligaments...which may feel like a cramp.

And as far contractions....they start out mild but become very intense.  As they progress they are more painful.  They come in patterns and obviously don't ease up.  You'll know a contraction as it will stop you in your tracks and bring you to your knees.  
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I think Yvette summed it up pretty well.  I only wanted to add that w/ Braxton Hicks or even real contractions period, that it will intensify and your stomach will tighten up as well.

I have been having a ton of BH!!  And they hurt but I know it's just my body practicing for the big day :)
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In my experience, contractions feel like a mild menstrual cramp that comes in a wave, 15-30 seconds long.  If I understand correctly there is not much difference in BH and labor contractions, except as Yvette says, labor contractions will not stop.

Round ligament pain is a pain in the muscles that hold up your belly, like a hammock.  They feel more "external" and feel more like muscle soreness.

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Braxton Hicks are basically "warm up" contractions.  It is very normal in pregnancy to have them, in fact, abnormal NOT to have them. Some women do not feel them until later in pregnancy, but most women begin to experience them somewhere around 20 weeks.  They feel like a tightening of the uterus.  Often they are not associated with pain until you get closer to term.  

However, dehydration can cause more severe Braxton Hicks contractions that can feel more like labor, and in some cases, even form a pattern. These may not let up with rest or change of postion because they are caused by dehydration.  This can also be associated with round ligament pain as well.  The uterus is a floating organ which is attached to the body with ligaments.  The round ligaments hold a mojority of the weight of the uterus and can often cramp up with odd changes of movement, sneezing, coughing, walking, dehydration, etc...

My best advice is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  You should be drinking 64 oz of water a day...that is 4 pint glasses or 8 Cups.  After you do so for a few days, you should start to feel better.  And keep it up, as this amount of fluid is important for many reasons, such as regulating amniotic fluid and swelling and many more.  

Good luck!  and blessings for a healthy happy baby!
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Hey Latrice,

One of my babies is really really low, and my hips are aching from being spread apart so much to accomodate her (or the two of them.)  Between that and also having tightening of the uterus which is really painful and about 5 minutes apart, it's scary and confusing to know whether it's the real thing or not.

I guess I don't have any real answers to your post other than, I agree it's confusing.  It hurts like heck.  

But, we continue to hang in there...
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Snow, thanx, i didnt no that dehydration could cause pain like that, since that episode i have been drinkn lots of water, dont want to experience that again until labor time lol.

35mom: i cant even imagine how your hips feel, i only have one inside me and i no two has to be uncomfortable.  Well you dont have long to go, and yes we have to continue to hang in there
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