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Baby updates!!
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Baby updates!!

So I was wondering how everyone's babies are doing, and what's been going on in mommyland. :)

Kylie is insane---there's just no other way to put it.

She is almost 11 months old now, and somewhere around 27 inches long, and 18 pounds. She definitely know hows to keep me on my toes all day long. Right now she's got 6 teeth, and for some reason all 4 of her top ones decided they wanted to make their grand appearance at the same time. They seem to bother her most at night, and she is always biting on things. Namely my laptop or phone cords.

She's learning things really quickly. As I said in another post, she knows how to say 4 words which consist of dada, mama, cat and papaw. Lori (FIL's girlfriend) said she can say fish, but I've not heard this one. She also loves to mess with anything. Like right now she's grabbing my hair and pulling on it slightly. She also took 3 steps the other day!! I'm so proud of her. I am slightly concerned about her feet though. When she walks, her legs go all over the place. She is also learning how to use things as they're supposed to be. She likes to hold my phone up her ears and tries to brush her and my hair with our brush.

She does have one mean temper though. If she doesn't get her way she throws things, kicks her arms and legs, screams at the top of her lungs, bites and hits. Her ped told me it's normal though, and is their way of getting and showing independence. She is super happy still though. She's always talking, giving kisses or is just laughing and giggling. She also "hulks up". It's hilarious. She balls her fists up, goes red in the face, opens her mouth and grunts. I love it, especially the look on her face when she does it.

She also loves to eat---and I mean LOVES to eat. It almost reminds me of a dog, ya know? They eat until they vomit, and then eat some more? Yeah, she does this. I'm surprised she doesn't weigh more.

Bed time is getting easier. She has a schedule where she goes to bed around 10-11 every night, and she wakes up at 10 each morning. She also cut out one of her naps, so she usually takes one around 3-5.

How is everyone else's babies doin? Anyone learn anything new? I can't believe in just a little over a month (or two for some) our babies are going to be a year old!! Time really does fly.
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Four words is amazing.  I love that she calls everything "cat."  Congrats on the 3 steps - it won't be long and then things will really get exciting.  Finn also has a temper and he is very very persistent.

Finn is really tall (97th percentile) and weighed 21.5 pounds at his 9 month check (70th percentile).  He is thinning out even more now since he is always moving.  I am having so much fun with him and love to watch him.  It is amazing watching them learn.  He loves to look at books and take things apart and put them back together.  He as wooden cone toy that he will play with for such a long time - working hard to put all the pieces together - such a boy!  He just started saying "mama" but that is his only word so far.  He walks while holding on to furniture and using a pushing walker, but he is not yet standing on his own yet so I imagine it will be a while longer before he is walking, which is just fine by me (I imagine he will be even harder to keep up with then)

He is such a clown and one of his favorite things is to stuff something huge in his mouth and turn to you to get a laugh.  He is always trying to make us laugh.  I love this but it is so weird for me because I was so shy and reserved as a child and that is what I was expecting my child to be and now I have this extroverted joker.  I would not change a thing about him but it is just so new for me.  

He sleeps in his crib now for all naps and most of the night.  He wakes up around 5:30 or 6 to nurse and then sleeps with us until 8:30am.  We love our morning cuddle time. I nurse him before all naps and bedtime and if he does not fall asleep (which is more often than not), I lay him in his crib and he puts himself to sleep.  This has been such an amazing change for us and I adore it.  His appetite varies so much - some days he eats all day long and others, he eats like a bird.  He is finally getting the hang of a sippy cup and is just starting to feed himself with a spoon.

I still breastfeed but he gets at one formula bottle a day when I am work because I cannot pump enough.  I am so, so looking forward to stopping pumping once he turns one - I will not miss that for one nanosecond!  I will still nurse him when I home but no more pumped milk.

I cant' believe everyone is almost one - it makes me so sad.  What is everyone planning to do for first birthdays?

We actually just decided what we're doing for Kylie's birthday. It's going to be Sept 18th, and we're going to have about 50 people---and sadly, this is only immediate family, lol. We finally found a park we're gunna have it in, and need to reserve the shelter soon.
I lied. We actually have to have it August 21st. Blehhh
Amiah is almost 11 months as well.  She's a lot of fun and I just love seeing the new things she can do!

She is 20lbs and 28 inches tall.  She started walking on July 17 (when I was out of town for the weekend!)  She says daddy, mama, what's that?, all done, and does signs for milk and please.  She also shakes her head "no".  She goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps until 6, I give her a bottle and she'll sleep until 8.  She takes 2 two hours naps each day and has five teeth.  

Her favorite thing ever is reading books and she looks through her books all day long.  She'll eat anything I give her except for peas.  She climbs on everything and loves to swim and go under water.  

We're having her first birthday party on Sept. 4 and we are very excited!

Oh, one interesting fact, by the time she's a year, she'll have been in 12 states in 12 months.  Now its 10 states in 10 months.  
Kaelynn is 11 months old now. I have no idea what her weight and height is as she hasn't been to the Dr since her 9 month check.

Her first word was ball now she says mamma dadda and bye. She can sign the word milk but I'm not sure if she really understands what it is. She will bring me the boppy pillow when she wants to eat instead of signing. I just keep working with her with signing.

She has 8 teeth and 2 more coming in. She eats everything that I give her. She likes to feed herself and most the time refuses the spoon anymore. She will steal food off my plate if I'm not watching.

She's been walking for about a month and half she's learned to climb on the couch which she then is able to climb on the kitchen table and get to everything she's not suppose to.

She is very defiant! You can tell her no 100 times and move her from the object or situation and she will go right back to it 100 times. I just don't know what to do sometimes. I've tried redirecting her attention to something else and still doesn't work. She likes to bite me. If I get my laptop out with her around she will start hitting me and biting my legs.

She's still not sleeping through the night. I'm up 2-3 times with her. Lately she's been using me as a pacifier. She's never taken one and I can't get her to either. So I'm stuck with her attached to me while we sleep if I want to get any sleep lately.

Were ttc #2 and I've yet to get my cycle because I'm still breastfeeding. I don't know how to break the night time feedings to get my cycle back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Fynn will be 11 months on the 27th. He was 19.5lbs and 30 inches tall at 9.5 months. He has his two top and two bottom teeth. He has sooo much blonde curly hair! I love it, you can even give him side bangs, lol, he has had one hair cut already and is due for another.

Fynn is such a happy baby! He loves getting attention from strangers and puts on the charm when he does. He has the biggest smile and loves to wave at people who wave to him. He has the cutest laugh although his daddy and everyone can make him laugh but rarely laughs for me...haha.

He loves to eat and is not eating baby food anymore. He almost always refuses purees and wants anything he can chew or finger feed himself.

He has been crawling since about 8.5 months old and because he can get everywhere so fast i think he will stay a crawler for awhile. he gets into everything! He will pull all the dvd's off the shelf then cruise over to the books and pull them off the shelf and so on and so forth. He does walk really well when holding onto the furniture. He is going to be a little daredevil, he loves being thrown in the air, spun around really fast and he loves throwing himself to the ground in his playpen, like I mean whips himself to the ground, then laughs...haha

he is a joy to be around, he really doesnt have a temper, yet at least, you can take things from him, redirect him and he is fine with that unless its around his nap time then he becomes cranky. He is hard to put to sleep because he fights his sleep like nothin I have ever seen. He usually goes down around 1030 and wakes up the same in the morn however he is such a light sleeper and major tosser and turner that he wakes up a lot at night.

I am a little worried after reading all these post because Fynn is not saying any words, he blabbers all day long but that is all it is. i havent been working with him on signing but maybe ill try that.

He does love to play with the remote control, he knows that if he presses the buttons, it is what changes the channel, the same with the keyboard on the laptop, he will smash the keyboard and look at the screen to see what he has done.

I think we are going to try for #2 around the same time we got pregnant with Fynn (Dec. 31) because we love the Sept birthday and I want a 2012 baby because they will both be even years and I have a thing with odd numbers, dont want a baby in a n odd numbered year.

I wouldn't worry at all if he's not talking. Some babies don't for awhile. Most children will say a few basic words (mama, dada) at the end of 12 months. He sounds perfectly fine.
My oldest talked before a year, could spell her name with pretzels by 18 months.  My other 4 didn't.  DD8 and DS7 didn't talk until they were close to 3.  Consistent "mama" and "dada" didn't come til well after a year old.  DS3 had words sooner, but didn't start putting words together until about 2, then at 2 1/2 began with sentences.  Lily is now 11 1/2 mos old and does not say anything.  She will babble MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA and NANANANANANA and occasionally DADADADADAA til the cows come home.  I get the impression that sometimes she IS trying to call me, like when I put her down and she gets mad, she'll start yelling MAMAMAMA, if I pick her up she stops.  But that's the extent of it.  

I had DD8 and DS7 go through all the early intervention testing and therapy and yadda was a waste of time, they were just late talkers.  You've never know it now because neither one of them stops to take a breath LOL.

Lily is finally crawling.  She was doing a scoot-crawl thing for about 2-3 weeks, then she figured out how to work her legs back around the beginning of the month.  One minute she's here the next she's there.  This week she has started pulling up on things.  YESterday she started getting brave and trying to let go.  Still no balance yet, so she immediately flops on her tush, but atleast she is trying.  

She has both bottom front teeth, one of the top front has broken through and the other is close to it. She LOVES music and will dance to just about anything, but certain songs/TV shows will stop her in her tracks and she was just way back and forth and flap her arms.  Sometimes she looks like she's trying to take flight LOL.  

She's started giving kisses - when the mood strikes her.  She will also give eskimo kisses (nose rubs) occasionally as well.  She's also clapping now.  OH and she knows the sign for "more"
argh  ** You've should be you'd!
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