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Kaelynn is 1!!
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Kaelynn is 1!!

Kaelynn turned one Aug 30.

We did a photo shoot and this is one of the photos. I love it! I made the tutu for the photo shoot and she wore it at her party also. I will be uploading more to my profile.

We had her party on Aug 28th, It was a fun day. We had a huge (40+) bbq. We asked that no one bring gifts since we really don't have anywhere for more toys. She got 3 gifts and a bunch of cards. Her savings account grew!! She was not at all interested in opening the gifts which I thought she would be since she loves to rip paper but when I want her to she decides she doesn't want to.

Kaelynn is 29.5" tall 20 lbs. Tall and lean.  

She eats pretty much everything we do. I'm still having a hard time getting her to eat breakfast. I tried the cinnamon toast waffles by eggo. I've tried pancakes, eggs, toast she'll eat half the time. When she decides she's done all her food gets thrown on the floor. It's really frustrating. I put all her food on a plate now and she just picks it up and dumps it over the side of her high chair. If I do put the food on her tray she will start waving her hands back and forth across the tray throwing the food on the ground. I tell her no and then take her down.

She still wont drink juice which I'm perfectly ok with. She loves water and will drink it all day long. She usually drinks about 10oz total during the day. I bought some munchkin straw sippy cups and she LOVES them. She sees one and starts clapping and squealing with delight.

She's now able to climb on the couch and over the ottoman so now she can climb the stairs! We only have one baby gate for the kitchen she's not allowed in there. Were in an apartment so I can't install the latches on the cabinets. Were suppose to be moving at the end of the month so we really don't want to invest in another gate for the stairs which wont really keep her off the stairs completely since there is 4 stairs out from the wall where we would be able to put the gate.

She is into EVERYTHING!!! She is to smart for her own good! She figures things out in just minutes. We got a lock for the glass door on the entertainment center and she had that figured out in less than 5 minutes!

She has 4 words still. Ball, Momma, Dadda, and Bye. She waves by once you walk out the door. So daddy never sees her wave to him. She claps now and does it quite often when she hears music. I got her a stuffed leap frog that sings when you push its hands and feet. She is constantly throwing this in my lap for me to make it make noise. Her other dog that does this she will do herself but for some reason the leap frog she has to have me do.

We've been TTC for about 4 months now but I still haven't gotten my cycle back. I'm still breastfeeding and she isn't sleeping through the night yet. I'm up 2-3 times with her. She has decided not to sleep in her crib anymore either. Or I guess I decided it's easier for me to lay down and feed her since I'm so tired getting up with her several times a night so she sleeps with us. Which I think contributes to the nursing at night. I want to try and sleep train her but with BF's work schedule it doesn't allow for me to let her scream all night. She will scream until I go in there and get her and feed her. I've let her cry up to 20 minutes and I went in there her shirt was soaked from tears.

Ok I'm sure your tired of reading this now. It's gotten long.

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Awww what a beautiful picture.  
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