6 weeks and no blood flow
by ttwhet, Jan 11, 2011
I am 6 weeks pregnant, and went in to have my first ultrasound 2 weeks ago. They wanted to do a vaginal but i declined. With the abdominal they could measure me at 5w 4d. Everything looks good! I had to get the rH shot and have been spotting this whole time. About a week later i went in for another check up because my hormone levels have not increased but did not decrease. This time i accepted the vaginal, and they measured me at 6w 1d. Which is right, but they seen no heartbeat and no blood flow. They suggested a dnc, but i have decided to wait and see what goes on. Although i am spotting its not an all the time thing, and it deffiently isn't considered bleeding, and i have no cramping at all. I also still have all my preg. symptoms especially nausea. Anyone else experienced this? Should i get another opinion? This is my first time and im really not sure if i trust these doctors.
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by BME_mama, Jan 11, 2011
I would be getting your hcg levels checked every couple of days. Hoping for the best for you!
by kellym, Jan 12, 2011
At 6w 1d my babies hb was 89. It was very slow because it just started beating.  He is now 2 1/2.  I would suggest another u/s in 1 week. By then there should be no mistaking that the heart should be beating.  A heartbeat is much more important evidence than just measuring hcg levels at this point.  When you say your hormone levels didn't increase or decrease, were they monitoring you every other day or what?