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I'm 33 weeks & 5 days but my fundal height is measuring 40 and ...
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I'm 33 weeks & 5 days but my fundal height is measuring 40 and baby is WAY BIIIIG! Could my due date be wrong? Could I deliever early?

I went in for my every two week O.B. check up and for the past month I've had weight gain like crazy.I'm not/wasnt overweight, at 5 weeks pregnant I weighed 137lbs and am 5'7. The doctor told me she wants to measure the baby by having a sonogram to check her weight and now I know why.I measured my baby bump today and (i'm only 33 weeks and 5 days) it measured 40cm. She told me if I went into labor this week she wouldn't stop me and would let it progress.She also said she wants me coming in every week now instead of every two! I went for the sonogram and baby weighs OVER 6 1/2lbs (measuring 37 weeks & 5 days. If I went to my due date (12-11-08) she would be between 10-11lbs! They arent sure how she's a month larger than she should be and I dont go to the doctor until tomorrow. Could my due date be off? If the baby weighs more than 6 or 7lbs does this mean she could come earlier? Is my due date off or is this baby just getting big fast and is just ready to come out into the world? PLEASE HELP! lol I thought I still had 1 month and a half (Due date Dec.11th)
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Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that your due date is probably accurate and the baby is probably just big.  They don't come out any sooner, necessarily, just bigger.

How big were you and the father at birth?  Your baby's weight should be approximately the average of yours and the father's birth weights.

If he was 11# you know who to blame!

If you had an earlier ultrasound, your doctor will almost certainly use that to base your due date--the earlier the sono, the more accurate the date.  ESPECIALLY if it was a first trimester or early second trimester scan. Later scans can be off by up to 3 weeks. An early scan is usually within 4-7 days.

Your doctor MAY induce you early if the baby is really big, but also remember that ultrasounds are not very accurate on weight estimates too.  I've seen it guess wrong both ways--too big and too small.

The ONE thing you definitely DO NOT want is a preemie--so you may have a little more suffering to go through before the big day.

Best Wishes and Congrats!

Dr B
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If they're telling you at 33 weeks that they would let you go into labor and not stop it than your due date probablly was off.  Was your due date based on  a sono, or on the first day of your last period?  Were you sure of the dates of your last period?  I think your baby will be born before Dec 1st.
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