No heartbeat on Ultrasound
by ttgeeup, Apr 05, 2012

I went for an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and they saw an empty sac, the tech told me that it's too early to see the embryo and to come back in 2 weeks. The report from this U/S stated that the sac measured 3-4 weeks, ( According to LMP I should of been 6 weeks) I went back 2 weeks later and they did an abdominal U/S and they could not see the baby, so she did a vaginal ultrasound and she could see the embryo and no heartbeat. The report stated that the gestation is 5 weeks old and the embryo measures .44cm (6wx2d) They told me this does not look good and I need to have blood tests done. What I was wondering is, I was using the period counter on my phone and we actually conceived 5 days after my fertile period ended. Could the dates be wrong? I still have all the pregnancy symptoms, no cramping or bleeding.
by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Apr 07, 2012
The blood tests will give you the answer.  I suspect that they are going to do a quantitative beta hcg and maybe a progesterone level.  I the beta hcg is rising then the pregnancy may just be early and the dates may be wrong.

If the beta hcg is falling or staying the same that is a bad sign.  That will mean a miscarriage.  If the progesterone level is low, that will confirm the findings of the beta hcg.  Typically the beta hcgs are done two days apart.

You will have your answer when the second test results are available.
I certainly hope for you that you have a good result.  One way or another, you will at least know the answer.

Good luck!
Dr B
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by ttgeeup, Apr 05, 2012
I also need to mention that my cycles are irregular, the one before conception was 22 days. And I notice on my period tracker that after a short cycle I generally have a longer one next time (27 days or so)
by ttgeeup, Apr 07, 2012
No need to reply to this, my miscarriage has begun.
by ErikalovesMadison, Apr 07, 2012
So sorry :(
by hlehocky, Apr 08, 2012
Im so sorry to hear about your loss. I too lost two babies the same way. But I did get pregnant with my son six months later. So dont give up. When I lost my baby I had a dream where a blond haired boy came to me and said, " dont give up on me mommy." I have red hair and my husband has black hair so I didnt think much about it until I had my blond haired son!! Please dont give up. Your baby is coming soon!:-)
by ttgeeup, Apr 08, 2012
Thanks hlehocky, thanks for your response, did u have a miscarriage one after another? We will def try again, the problem is I am now 41 so the chances are higher I guess. I already have 2 beautiful children and if I keep having miscarriages I guess its natures way. That's is very unreal about your dream, very happy for you :)
by hlehocky, Apr 09, 2012
Yes my miscarriages were back to back. Then my doctor suggested taking progesterone. When I was about to ovulate and through the first ten weeks I took the pill form, and I think It helped me carry my son who is three now. Im also eight weeks along now with my second baby, but it happened by surprise so as soon as I got a positive test I got on it again. I saw a strong heartbeat last week and will continue to take it through the 12th week, and I'm 38. There have been five women in my family who have had babies around 40. And my father in law is a pediatrician and has been for 35 years; he says he sees more and more women having healthy babies after 35. So dont give up. My thoughts and prayers are with u. Keep me informed:-)
by Gaurav1, Apr 23, 2012
I want to ask you one  question.
I am giving you the details –
My wife is 15 week  pregnant on 18/04/2012.
She had her last menstruation on 06/01/2012.
Her TSH on 22/02/2012 was 6.42 µIu/ml &  FT4 was 1.13 ng/dl
Her TSH on 30/03/2012 was 1.55 µIu/ml
Her TSH on 13/04/2012 was 2.46 µIu/ml &  FT4 was 1.08 ng/dl
She is taking  Thyronorm 50 mg daily from 25/02/2012
So my question is --
as my wife had TSH 6.42 µIu/ml ,Which was above normal & FT4 1.13 ng/dl  at 8 th weeks of pragnency, so does it already affect the baby .
by hannahthompson, May 02, 2012
I really appreciate  the hlehocky opinion this would be very helpful for you ..
Thanks for haring.