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Rhogam and Miscarriage
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Rhogam and Miscarriage

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum on 12/29/09.  I began to spot last week and on 1/7/10 started taking a medication to make my uterus contract.  I have passed many HUGE clots and one week later I am still having bleeding.  

Also, I am Rh-, but so is my husband.  I have always had Rhogam in the past, but have read that I don't need it when the father is Rh-.  The information I have been given is that without testing my husband to ensure he doesn't have antibodies in his blood, I still need the Rhogam.  Also, on the website it says that the Rhogam should be administered within 72 hours of the miscarriage.  

Here are my questions:

1)  Is it normal for the bleeding to last this long?
2) Do I need Rhogam even though my husband and I share the same blood type (O-)?  
3)  Is it too late for the Rhogam to work?
4)  What is the protocol for receiving Rhogam with a miscarriage (early 1st trimester)?  

I appreciate your assistance in answering my questions.
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If you were my patient, I would do an ultrasound to be sure that all of the tissue has passed.  Sometimes bleeding does last this long, other times it can be a sign of retained pregnancy tissue.  Retained tissue can lead to complications such as infection, so I would want to double check.
IF I had documentation that your husband was Rh-, I would not give Rhogam. It will not hurt anything if you do receive it, and we usually give it, because we usually don't know the father's blood type.  It should be given within 48-72 hours of any significant bleeding.
I hope this helps!
I hope things work out better next time!
Dr B
Um, no you do not need to have a rhogam shot since your partner is rh- too. I am rh- but my partner is a + so I needed the shot. But I was told that if my partner was a negative that I wouldnt need the shot but my doctors. Dont be getting something injected into you if you do not have too.
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