Ultrasound showed an empty sac.
by waiting4ever, May 10, 2007
I recently underwent IVF with transfer date of March 26/2007.  Yesterday's ultrasound showed an empty sac and a measurement of 6 weeks.  What does this mean?  Could it just be too early?  Doc. says not to woory, but has another ultrasound scheduled for next week.  Should I be concerned?  Is this a possible miscarriage?
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by abido, May 14, 2007
the same thing is happening. they are checking my hcg level. i have another test tomorrow. the doctors says i might have gotten the dates wrong. so cheer up and believe in God you will sail through. faith my dear matters
by mommom2, May 14, 2007
I had an u/s done at almost 5 weeks and another one done at 6 1/2 wks. and we saw a sac both times, both measuring the right size, but both times it was empty. I had another one done today and WE SAW A BABY WITH A HEARTBEAT!!!!! The baby measures 7 1/2 wks. The Dr. was confused about my dates, he thought I was a month earlier than I am and that's why he started the u/s so soon. The ultrasound tech (small hospital, same one), she was almost as excited as I was and she said that I'm the perfect example of why girls shouldn't get upset so early on, because a week ago we didn't see anything and now all of a sudden, there's a baby and a yolk sac plain as day!
Keep your head up and try not to worry yet. It's too early for that yet. Good luck, and keep us posted!
by L J, May 15, 2007
I received a positive hpt on Apr 2. BT on April 5 with hcg levels of 323, second hcg level was 1578 on April 13. Ultrasound on April 18 showed only five weeks, sac and yolk found. Follow up ultrasound on May 5th showed fetal pole with measurement of 3mm, estimated that I was in the 6th week. Heartbeat found but not confirmed. Tech showed small flickering on screen, but couldn't record rate. Another follow up ultrasound May 14th showed minimal growth and still couldn't confirm heartbeat-tech didn't show me anything this time. Report says due to minimal growth from May 5th and unconfirmed heartbeat possibly not a viable pregnancy. I have all the positve pregnancy signs and no negative ones - no cramps or spotting. I have read about many misdiagnosed patients. Don't know what to think...
by kitkat1717, May 15, 2007
hi to all, please help me figure this out!!!! my lmp was around march 14/07. (i usually ovulate late). i found out on april 17th with a hpt that i am pregnant. i went for an ultrasound on may3/07, they found an empty sac measuring at 6 weeks, 1 day! no baby,just empty. after they did the vaginal u/s i bled for like 5 days, and have had brown spotting(which is subsiding and is now just discharge).  they said i may have a blighted ovum, or i'm just not as far as i think. my hcg levels on monday may7 were at 57000 which is over 7 weeks my doctor is saying. so i'm totally confused. they wrote me off like i was definately going to miscarry and that it is a blighted ovum! i still have pregnancy symptoms, i have a 3 year old and i've had a few miscarriages in the past, but i'm definately starting to show already...crazy! can anyone please help me figure out what is going on. i have a repeat u/s on thursday may 17. i am soooooo nervous, but i'm trying to be hopeful. i have been and helpful. i can't wait any longer. i just don't know what to think, is there hope that the baby is okay and that i'll have a normal pregnancy?  do hcg levels get as high as mine were a week and a half ago with a blighted ovum?  any advise will definately help, thank you :)
by mommom2, May 15, 2007
Read my story dated 5/12 labeled "High HCG, empty sac". Make sure you read my comment from 5/14 too. When my Dr. mentioned blighted ovum, it was when my count was 20,000 and we didn't see anything in the sac (twice), he sent me for another blood test, really not expecting for the number to go up anymore. But then my number came back at 51,427 and he ruled out blighted ovum. So from that I really don't think blighted ovum numbers go up very high, and I think you're too high for that and you'll be able to see something on Thursday. My family and I did a lot of praying! Good Luck and let me know!
by L J, May 16, 2007
I found this link - a hcg calculator:
by toula, May 16, 2007
hi everyone, ur posts are giving me a little comfort. thisis my third pregnancy after 2 miscarriages. I had my hcg levels taken on and they showed as follows:

1382 (2 days later)
2106 (3 days later)

My doctor is worried and told me to rest and wait to repeat the test again in 6 days. If the numbers show at least 5000 we'll be fine and he can do an U/S, if not, he will start to worry.

Can anyone help?

by kitkat1717, May 16, 2007
thanks for your words of encouragement.  it really is a crazy thing to have to deal with for so long and not know the outcome.  i have had a few miscarriages over the past few years and i had a dnc done last march.  we have been trying since the surgery to get pregnant and finally i have reached a pregnancy where i am supposed to be 9 or 10 weeks... and i can't get excited about it!  there's always the chance that i'm not as far as i thought.  sometimes i don't think that the lmp is the very best way to determine the due date,  with my son, they were right to the date he was born!  but with all of my other pregnancies, i always thought i was way further than the u/s showed.  my fiance and i are really hoping that things will work out with this pregnancy.  i have had some pretty crazy symptoms lately so hopefully it's not the blighted ovum!  really sore back, headaches, nausea, moodswings like you wouldn't believe(LOL).  and ofcourse the scary things of spotting and cramping.  i did that with my son too, i bled the whole time and cramped, and he was perfectly fine!  my only worry is not seeing this baby on the u/s 2 weeks ago.  i guess tomorrow will tell all!  please pray for us.  i am so happy to hear that everything has worked out for you.  keep in touch, and i'll keep you posted!  
by abido, May 17, 2007
i really do pray that it goes well with all of us. i am to go bak to the hospital on monday. i thought i was 6 weeks but they did not see another u/s will explain it all. cheers