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placenta previa & toxemea of pregnency
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placenta previa & toxemea of pregnency

My wife had toxemia 3 yrs back during her previous and first pregnency and
pregnency had to be terminated at 7 months, baby did not survived.
But during her present(second) pregnency at 6 weeks she had moderate pain
less bleeding, after sonoghraphy it was found that she was having plecenta
previa.Our doctor has sujested complete bed rest and trated with
1 Daily one Dubagest(progesterone) capsules
2 pubergen injection once in 10 days
3 Awin inj. weekly once
4 Isox sr (isoxuprine HCL) capsules dialy one cap.
after 7 weeks at 14 week pregnency second sonoghraphy revealed that
plecenta has migrated and termed it as low plecenta just covering internal
Doctor has agian sugested following medicine
1 Daily one Dubagest(progesterone) capsules
2 pubergen injection once in 15 days
3 Dubagest injection once in 10 days
4 Isox-sr (isoxuprine HCL) capsules dialy one cap.
But I hv red that Isoxuprine and pubergen are powerful harmones and not
recomended during pregnency. Are they really safe during pregnency ? or
shoud we avoid it?
my second question is, progesterone and isoxsuprine really help placenta
to migrate ? and is there any use in contunuing with them?
Can we travel by train with low placenta by train for about 30 hr journey?
if so what are the precautions to be taken?
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Placental migration is a normal part of pregnancy.  As the uterus expands it is common for the position of the placenta to change as well.  The use of the hormones you write about have nothing to do with this process.   I suspect your wife was initially put on these hormones with the thought they would decrease her risk of a miscarriage in an early pregnancy.  I would clarify the intention of your ob/gyn in prescribing these medications and discuss the potential risks/benefits.

If the placenta is now considered low lying, and your wife has had no bleeding since she was 6 weeks pregnant, I'd suggest discussing with your ob his or her thoughts on brief travel.  I would consider that degree of travel acceptable.

Best wishes,

Dr. Downing
Thank you Dr. Downing for the valuable advice given.I appreciate you for the time spending on this forum.

Regarding My wife's case, I am little concerned  as the Progesterone hormone capsules as well as Injections are being continued (at present 14th week) despite as there was no test conducted inorder to suggest that she is lacking the above said harmone.
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