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My husband had a radical prostatectomy in January.  His post-op
Psa blood test was 0.34.  6 weeks later it rose to 33.5.  A repeat Psa blood test confirmed this rise.  He now has bloody stool and his doctor suggested a colonoscopy.  Can you tell me if his cancer was not confined and had penetrated the capsule and invaded the seminal Vesicles (surgical margins were positive) if it's possible cancer has spread to rectum or colon?
thanks and best to all out there suffering from this awful disease
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Thank you for your question.

Simple causes of blood in stools should be ruled out.

·         They might be hemorrhoids – does he have any constipation or similar symptoms?
·         Any radiation treatment received after surgery?
·         Any excessive pain medicines?
·         Benign polyps.

Also, the color of blood should be noted, is it bright red? Is it a streak of blood, any association with pain etc.? Consult your doctor for a colonoscopy first.

Kind regards,

Ash Tewari, MD


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