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Sudden increase in PSA and Testosterone
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Sudden increase in PSA and Testosterone

I'm 53 years old and was diagnosed in 2002 with BPH and low testosterone.  Since then the prostate has maintained and stayed smooth but slightly enlarged.  I started low dose androgel (1%, 2.5grams) in 02 and my testosterone levels went from 300's to 800's. I cut back to 5days a week and they leveled at the 500 range.
My PSA levels went up slowly from 1.7 to 2.8 in May 2008.  Testosterone was 700 at that time.
I just got back from the doctor 11/20/08 and PSA jumped to 6.8 and testosterone 1008.
I'm setting up an appointment with a specialist and will probably end up with a biopsy.
I'm confused because I cannot find any information on sudden increase of PSA and testosterone together.
Any input will be appreciated.
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A PSA test above 4.0 ng/mL should warrant a retest.

The role of testosterone and its relation to prostate cancer is fairly controversial.  There is a  long held belief that increased serum testosterone increases the risk of prostate cancer. Although a new study shows that pre-treatment testosterone levels had no effect on prostate cancer gleason grade (1).

A repeat PSA and possibly a biopsy would be needed to proceed with any clinical course of action.

Thank you for your question.



(1) Sher DJ, et al. Absence of Relationship Between Steroid Hormone Levels and Prostate Cancer Tumor Grade. Urology. Nov 2008.
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