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lump on my prostrate
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lump on my prostrate

my doctor found a lump on my prostrate, he said it felt lile the kind of lump that usually turns out to be benien , do cancerous lumps feel different?

This discussion is related to Rapid changes in PSA.
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Wow.  I didn't know benign lumps felt differently than cancerous lumps.  Even though my cancer was detected too early to be detected by a DRE, my doctore never suggested that lumps detected would feel differently if they were benign or not.  

Has your doctor suggested any treatment?  Are you on any antibiotics?  Has a biopsy been scheduled?  I think a more conclusive answer is in order.  I see that your discussion is related to rapid changes in PSA.  Does that mean you have had a high increase--a doubling for instance--in your PSA levels?

I don't want to alarm you--and we always begin with a positive outlook, but I encourage you to get a more definitive answer.  I am hoping that you are traveling that road of seeking answers and that this question is just to get information and that you are not relying on this statement as a reason for inaction.

all the best.
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