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NCS, NMS, Neurontin..mental illness.. this is complicated.. I'm de...
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NCS, NMS, Neurontin..mental illness.. this is complicated.. I'm desperate.

My cousin is a 17 year old male, turning 18 this summer. He is experiencing things that could definitely be diagnosed at Schizophrenia (hallucinations, multiple personality, violence, blackouts..etc). There is fainting (w/ muscle rigidness, slowed breathing or stopped breathing, blue hands(once). The unconsciousness lasted past 30 minutes, doctors can’t seem to find what is wrong. My cousin has tried to tell the doctors that he thinks the neurontin he was prescribed to take almost a year ago set this off. NONE of this happened until he took that medicine...he hasn’t been on it for almost a year but these episodes are still taking place.

There is a disorder called neurocardiogenic syncope that I read about that eventually lead me to another one called Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. I have been reading and reading. I’m reading about nerocardiogenic syncope and its relationship with mental illness… and then I’m going to try and connect it to neurontin. We have very firm beliefs that this medication must have released some kind of chemical in his brain… or had some intense adverse reactions. He hasn’t taken it for about a year now but is still having these episodes… Not all at once. He’ll have the fainting episodes and be rushed to the hospital where nothing is seen and then at different times he’ll have the hallucinations or the switching of personalities. It’s very scary and he’s losing hope… I need to help crack this. And anyone who is interested in helping me out, it would be amazing. I would be forever grateful. Please. Even information that you might think would be it, I want to bring the info into the doctors with him. To show them that we are not backing down and we are not going to just let them throw him on whatever meds to shut him up. Something is wrong and it seems as if people are giving up on trying to find out what it is.

(he was prescribed neurontin for back pain)
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