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transthoric echo (ultrsound) No leads? Pulmonary Hypertension Moderate...
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Pulmonary hypertension is a condition associated with high blood pressure in the arteries that connect your heart with your lungs. It is a serious condition for which there are many emerging treatments but no definite cure. In this disease, the blood vessels that carry oxygen-poor blood from your heart to your lungs become hard and narrow, which causes your heart to work harder to pump the blood. This forum is a place to ask questions about Pulmonary Hypertension. Some examples are: What caused me to get pulmonary hypertension? How is pulmonary hypertension diagnosed? What treatment options are available?

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transthoric echo (ultrsound) No leads? Pulmonary Hypertension Moderate

I had a vist to the thyroid doc and the woman did an ultrasound he called it an echo/ Anyway everything was normal except!-Arotic root midly dilated, trisicup regurgation and moderate pulmonary hypertension. i have heaalth anxiety and I am freaking out. I am a Powerlifter  and have never experience any of the symptoms that the internet states when I train. i have thyroid issues and that is under control.

I am very scared and i am scheduled to see a cardiologist i saw in 2010 for an Echo. What do you think.  
Thanks faith
Hi Faith and welcome to the forum.

I am not sure the reason the echo was done.  The problem with doing tests sometimes that are not necessary is that you can incidentally pick some things up that are actually insignificant.  This is likely the case with you.  From what you described, what may be worth following over time is the aortic root.  This would be the sort of thing where you might get an echo once a year to make sure that it is not enlarging but should otherwise have no impact on your health and will not cause any symptoms.

I agree with seeing your cardiologist who can review all of this with you and hopefully provide you with some peace of mind.  But, for now, nothing that your described concerns me too much.

All the best,

The Dr claims he does extensive testing on everyone. All my friends who go to him for intergrative medicine have had all these test.  can the right  ventricle and left be of normal size but you can have a high pressure of 51? i also had a anxiety attack and my heart was beating fast while the woman was doing the echo, my blood pressure was 182/92 i said to her i dont think you should be doing this test while I am having an extreme anxiety attack,
once the test was over my anxiety and heart rate dropped.  Does this affect the pressure in the arterys ?

  Thanks for your help in answering my question. faith
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