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can some one expalin
Test: magnetic resonance imaging of head and cervical spine No. 3510
Head MRI scan was performed by scanning in T1,T2 and T3 FLAIR regimens, by sagittal, axial and coronary cuts.
Symmetric and diffuse hyperintensive alterations of the signal in T2 regimen were discovered in the white substance para-ventricularly and in the cerebellum, and minimal alteration of the signal in T2 FLAIR regimen.
The corpus callosum is thinned evenly.
Structures of the middle line are not dislocated.
There are no changes in the ventricular – aqueduct system discovered:
Huckmnn index 41 mm , 3rd ventricle – 5 mm.
Subarachnoidal spaces are widened in the frontal lobes.
Retrobulbar spaces are free.
Maxillary sinuses are filled with air.
Insignificant kyphosis was found in the cervical spine at C3-4.
I do not see any dysplasia of the vertebrae.
I do not see distinct alterations of the signal of the spinal cord.
Conclusion: based on the MRi scan data – hypomielinisation of the brain.

it was done for 22m girl.She still not walking and we got some hearing problems
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