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help me understand my mri report
the the mri report says; at c4-5 revels a small to moerate paracentral disc potrusion. the disc portution is moderatly pressing on the nerve root. there is extention into the neural foramen with moterate neural forminal compramise. the right is ok.                    At c-5-6 level revels moderate disc space narrowing. there are anterior and bilateral uncovertebral osteophytes. There is mild bilateral facet degeneration. There is defuse posterior disc protrusion with associate dosteophytic ridging. There is mild compression of the ventral aspect of the thecal sac. findings are resulting in mild to moderate bilateral neual foranimal narrowing. the spinal canal is patent.
At c-6-7 levels reveal a broad based posterior disc protrusion. The central portion of the disc protrusion is hypertense. indicating a soft disc. The disc protrusion is moderately compressing the thecal sac.and slightly impinging upon the ventral aspect of  the spinal cord. There is mild to moderate left formanimal stenosis. The right neural fornamen and spinal canal is patent.  
          please help me understand what I have and what this could mean for my family. I don't know to much about this and the doctor I went to didn't either. he just gave me the run around of the basics.
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