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intrahepatic dilation
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intrahepatic dilation

what does it mean when you have an mri and it says the surrounding tissues  are notable for a dilated common bile duct, 16 mm and intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation.  the main pancreatic duct is dilated at 4mm.  
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The common bile duct is the main draining structure for bile from the liver.  A normal common bile duct in someone under the age of 60 is 6 mm.  The common bile duct runs from the liver crossing through a portion of the pancreas and drains into the bowel near the stomach.  The pancreatic duct most commonly merges with the common bile duct where the common bile duct crosses through the pancreas.   The pancreatic ducts are normally 2-2.5 mm in diameter.

Common bile and pancreatic ductal dilatation can occur for several reasons, however the ones that people really worry about are:
1) Gallstone that has passed through the common bile duct and is logged somewhere along it's course or at the point where it drains into the bowel.  This causes the common bile duct and pancreatic duct to dilate.
2) Mass in the pancreas where the common bile duct crosses through, obstructing the pancreatic and common bile duct.
3) Mass or lesion within the bowel at the point where the common bile duct drains into the bowel.  This point where the comon bile duct drains into the bowel is called "The Ampula of Vater" and it is possible to have a mass as the Ampulla.
4) Choledochal cyst...this is basically a cystic fluid filled abnormality of the bile duct.
5) A very common reason for common bile duct dilation is cholecystecomy, which is removal of the gallbladder.  The gallbladder acts as a reservior for bile between meals, and after the gallbladder is removed this reservoir no longer exists and so there will be dilatation of the common bile duct to accomodate (to some degree) the bile between meals.

Both the common bile duct and pancreatic duct also typically enlarge some just with age...Normal range of a 70 yo is upto 7 mm, 80 yo upto 8 mm, 90 year old upto 9 mm...

Also, some people just normally have bigger common bile ducts and pancreatic ducts.  Usually when something is listed as "normal" what this really means is that some percentage of people, usually 95% or 98% fall within that range.  There are still some percentage of people that do not fall within the "normal" range that are still normal.

These are the main reasons for the findings that you list.  However, the significance of this finding depends on your own personal medical history, and it is imperative that you follow up with your personal physician to discuss the significance of this in the context of your personal medical history and to determine if and how to work this up further.

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I need to know my daugter had pains middle of stomach above naval and just below chest, said felt bloating and gassy, hospital said IBS, pain continued, next day saw  GP gave gavascon and busopan injection pain disappeared, had bloating feeling about 2 weeks later took gavascon and disappeared
She was also complaining on and off with pains on right side of stomach since 2010, so they did a scan without oral barium and at that time no calcification was noted.
July 2nd 2012, did another scan with oral barium,  Could drinking the barium have  had an impact  on the  following scan as it is said that she had to drink it 2 hrs prior to ct scan, 1hr a certain amount she took hALF AN HOUR TO DRINK THE REQUIRED AMOUNT FOR THE FIRST LOT, AND ANOTHER half haour or more for the 2nd lot as she was sipping could this have caused a hindrance to the ct scan as MRI said that CT scans are more sensitive to calcification, and I thought if there is calcification they usually give measurements, and scan noted patch calcification the only reason to do this was to check the reason for the pain and discomfort she felt  as well as the on again off agin pain she would call a stich since 2010
had follow up MRI 19th July, after 8 hrs fasting went a bout 30 mts late, so they asked her to eat something and come back about 3 hrs later, she had a sausage and egg macmuffin and a hash brown as there was nothing else there, did MRI 3 hours laters MRI stated that calcification is better seen on scans rather  than MRI everything else was noted as normal study, as she ate 3 hrs priorto MRI could it hinder results, and I need the results sent immediately as my doctor was going to be away for the weekend. they did the test MRI at 2:00 pm beforee 5 my doctor receieved the results and I had to see her or I  would not have had any sleep.
Did testing full blood test on 2nd of july 2012,  including coelic disease, thyroid, liver, calcium ferritin was 8, and low in vitamin D, as well as said that she is still anemic as *MCH 26.7pg, *MCHC-21.1g/dl,are .3.5 low since 2008, is there anything I can do to rectify this MCH and MCHC such as diet etc
ferrtin 8, in normal range,which is 7 onwards she in not much of a red meat eater,  HB 13.1, PCV42.1%, RCC 4.91×1012/L, MCV 86fl, White cell count 10.7, Neutrophils 66%, Lymphocytes, 19%, Monocytes 8%, *Esonophils:7%, Basophils:0%, Platelets:335, thyroid    Biochemistry reslults inluding billirubin 5 umol/L, cretine 62 umol/L it has gone up from about 8-10 as the last blood test  prior to this in 2011 was about 59, and prior to that about 55 within the last couple of years,  is it due to lack of vitamin D but still withing normal limits lpd, sodium 141 potass 4.3mmol/L , chloride 108 mmol/l, bicarbonate 25mmol/l, urea 5.0mmol/l EST.GFR > 90 per 1.73 sqm, ala aminotransferas 15u/l , Asp. aminotransferase 17u/l, alkaline phospates 74 u/l, gemma glutamyl trans GGT 10U?L , total protein 75 G?L Albumin 46 G/L, Globulin 29G/L, Dr said they are in normal range ), did Coeliac Disease serology (serium) – normal , GP said will do full blood test in 6 months and a scan in a year,
I have started her on vitamin D 1000iu, but she does not takeit after meals instead she takes it when ever. she also has bad cramps during periods, I try to avoid giving her ibuforen as I am scared that it will effect her liver, and gave her Panadol but it does not seem to help that much, is there anything safer that I could use during this  time for her,

has anyone heard about magnesium which assist with hepling out problems with calcification, high blood pressure, diabetes, and is supposed to be given in high doese before any operations to help with healing etc which is written by Dr Mark Sirrus check out the link below
Could anyone in the medical industry enlighten me about this it states you dont have to use thiosulfate but using magneisum alone could help with any sort of calcification.
I gave a copy of this information to my GP but she did not say much about it I would like to know if anyone else has the same problem with calcification in liver and gassy bloating feeling as the docotr said it might not be related but if she has it again that she will send for an endoscopy,

Does anyone know of a diet that I could use to help her to stop boating and gassy feelings,

I feel like her skin is a bit yellow but the results of blood test and MRI , scan says everything lese is fine, she also has got a light brown mark on neck with I noticed a couple of months ago,

The reason I am conceren is that my mums friend went for an operation and she ended up having this gassy bloating feeling, her stomach started to wswell so they had to take the bile out of her stomach  they did an MRI and were not happy with the results as they siad that she has pancreatic liver  dialation something to that effect and that if she does not do an endoscopy  her skin could turn yellow and that would be the end.
I am worried that as she ate prior to MRI, 3 hrs before as she was late if these could hinder results. any adivse please or if you have a similar problem would like to hear what food is good to eat  so you dont feel the gassy bloating feeling and what to avoid as she is very young early 20s
God Bless yu all
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