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I had a PET/CT scan done this week please help me understand what the findings mean.
1)  There is nonspecific pharyngeal and submandibular gland activity wich is fair symmetrical bilaterally.  
2)  There are a few small reactive type scattered nodes in the neck that do not show any abnormal hypermetabolic activity.
3)  There is some posterior paraspinal muscular activity which is probably related to muscle twich or neck movement during the acquisition phase.
4)  In the right axilla there is a mildly enlarged lymph node which show intense hypermetabolic activity  with maximum SUV of greater than 3.6.  This is consistent with a metastatic lymph node.
5)  In the pelvic there is an intense focus of activity in the right adnexa with maximum SUV of around 4.6.  
6)  There is soft tissue fullness in this area and ovarian tumor is suspected.  
7) There is some nonspecific bony activity in the spine.
I find that my current docs are  not acting fast enough.  should i take this seriously enough and look for other doctors to act on this quickly. ?  please explain all this to me .

Just retirednavygrl in 06. 39 years old and would love to spend the rest of my life enjoying life. :0)
Also I have a copy of my scan is there anyway I can send a copy to you.
thanks again
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Positron  Emission Tomography  (PET)  is  a functional diagnostic imaging technique. F-18  fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose  (FDG)  is commonly used radiopharmaceutical, which is  an  analogue  of   glucose.  PET  is  a functional imaging that basically depends on the metabolic behavior shown by the tumour. PET  with  FDG  is  now  the  standard  of  care in  initial  staging,  monitoring  the  response to  the  therapy  and  management  of  various

In your case what is noteworthy is increase uptake in the right adnexal region which is corrsponding to a lump in CT study and also high uptake in right axilla, all these are as rightly pointed out in your report consistent with malignancy. Further of my opinion would be based on the tests which were done initially which prompted your physician to order this test because this is a specific test  which has a  definite  role  in initial  staging  and  restaging  especially  in patients with rising CA-125 and high clinical suspicion of  disease recurrence.

If not done so far, Urgently required would be a CA-125 which is a tumour marker for ovarian cancers.

Further consultation with a oncologist is recommended. My best wishes.
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Thank you for responding.  I made an appointment with a gynocologist for next week for an utrasound after I will consult with a oncologist.  my question is now how long does it take to get the results back for a CA-125?  can this test be processed in 2 days.  
and what is the min-max range for a petscan? i had one read suv 3.6 and the other read 4.7
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