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Foul Body Odour ...
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Foul Body Odour ...

One of my friend is suffering from a strange body odour problem.Doctors are saying that he is normal but the problem really


Doctors have diagonised him as IBS.

I have gone through various foroums and come to conclusion that he has Leaky Gut Syndrome and candiasis.

He has the following symptoms:

1.Sometimes Smelly Liquid Discharge from ear.
2. Often thrash/harshness in Throat.
3. Excessive sweat and heat at the region near to the end of spinal cord (just above the anal region) especially when has an

urge to discharge the feacial matter even in an Air conditioned room also.
4. Itching inside the anal region.
5. sometimes pain also in the anal region.
6. A slight strange discharge through anus from last one year but it stops after taking Providac Capsules.(Bacteria capsules)
7. He has also a little bit of odour in mouth but he used to brush the teeth twice and bath twice daily.
8. One he was in a cab and the whole cab fill with the fecal odour.we dont know why?Similarly in the class room, in the small

room etc
9. Many times he observes white cotton like substance in stools or sometimes saliva like white substance with stools.
10 Many times suddenly got some rashes on the abdomen,limbs area and on anal region

Many times the body odur is like faecial odour, sometimes medicine like odour and food odour etc.

Please suggest what will be the cause for this ( it seems to me it is leaky gut syndrome but not sure as i am not a doctor)

and suggest if there is any medicine
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Avatar dr f tn
How is your friend? Irritable bowel syndrome present with abdominal pain or discomfort in association with frequent diarrhea or constipation, a change in bowel habits, urgency for bowel movements, a feeling of incomplete evacuation, bloating or abdominal distention. Diet modification and medical management are the primary treatment. He should continue his medicines and have regular check-up. With regards to his body odor, this could be caused by the food he eats or underlying medical condition. It is important that direct clinical examination be done for proper evaluation. Do keep us posted. Take care and best regards.
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