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Joint pain, rash, fatigue, reocurring fever, headaches
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Joint pain, rash, fatigue, reocurring fever, headaches

First, I am a 30 yr old female, my height is 5’3”, I weigh 126 lbs, and I am a fairly active person. I don’t run marathons; however, I am a pre-school teacher for eleven 3-4 yr olds. Under normal circumstances I am usually jumping around the room while singing songs, playing duck-duck goose, and we even do 15 minutes of daily stretches and breathing. I am also the single mom of a two yr old, so I do plenty of chasing around the house as well. I am not on any medications and I rarely take any over the counter medication. I have eaten healthier in the last year or so than I have ever before in my life.
I woke up from a brief nap on Dec 25th and my right wrist hurt as though it could have been out of place. Within an hour my left ankle was hurting as well. A few hours later both my ankles, both wrists, and my right shoulder were hurting. The next day I woke up with only minor pain in my right shoulder, both ankles, right wrist, and both elbows. As the day went on the pain level increased and by that evening I could barely hold my purse. By the 27th, the pain had moved into my knees as well, but my right shoulder felt fine. The pain seems to move from joint to joint, it does not feel like a sore muscle, and there is no apparent swelling. It almost feels as though the joint has been over-extended. If I lay still and all my joints are well supported the pain goes away; however, even standing and my arm dangling from my shoulder causes pain. I have tried taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen and it does not seem to affect the level of pain at all, which I find unusual.
I went to my regular doctor on the 29th and upon exam; he noticed a very fine rash on my back, stomach, and thighs. This rash looks like light red blotches and has a feel like fine sandpaper. This rash was not something that I had noticed in the days before, and did not seem to itch. The nurse stated that I did not have a fever, and the doctor ordered quite a few blood tests. He also went ahead and prescribed me “Indomethacin”. I took the Indomethacin that evening at my parents while having dinner, and fell asleep on their couch within 45 minutes. My mom tried to wake me up a couple of times, but she said I was just “too out of it”. I woke up the next morning, and my pain was gone. However, I could not continue to take this medicine because I cannot be “knocked out” when caring for a 2 yr old. I called the doctor the next day and he told me to try 400 milligrams of naproxen until my lab results came back.
The naproxen did not seem to help either as the pain in my knees came back later that night. I could not fully extend my knees and had to walk like an 80 yr old who normally uses a wheelchair. On the 31st I woke up and my knees were slightly sore along with one of my ankles, but the pain was gone by that afternoon. However, it was replaced by a headache and shooting pains in my head. I took my temperature and noticed that I had a low grade fever 99.9F. My joints were still somewhat stiff, but not unusable.
On the 1st, my joints were still slightly stiff, but my shin bones ached, and I'm now feeling tired, weak, and rundown. I took my temperature that morning and it was normal; however, by that evening the shooting pains in my head had returned along with my low grade fever. I have had a headache with fever before, but this does not feel the same. These symptoms continued until about the 3rd when I also started feeling some muscle stiffness mostly in my shoulder blades and lower neck region along with a feeling of heaviness and chest pressure. The low grade fever seems to come and go and is usually accompanied by strong sharp pains in my head.
On the 5th my doctor finally got my test results back he had ran the following labs: CBC, CMP, SED rate, Lyme titer, RA, TSH, uric acid(DH). He said that everything looked quite normal that the only concern was that my iron and HDL (good cholesterol) were very slightly under what they should be. Since my rash is still present, along with the low grade fever, and my various other symptoms he is referring me to a Rheumatologist. He also prescribed generic “Mobic”. The mobic seemed to help, but the rash spread to my arms overnight and I am not sure if this is a side effect of the drug. I looked up mobic on the internet and noticed that its less serious side effects are what I currently have as symptoms. So if I keep taking it how do I to know if I am getting better or just having side effects??? So for now I have stopped taking it, and hope to see the rheumatologist soon.
Upon thinking back, some other things that I have noticed recently about a month ago I began having dandruff which I have never had before. The past few showers I have lost enough hair to stop the shower from draining correctly. It is not noticeable to me when looking in the mirror, and I do not know if it is related.
It’s now the 8th, and the 14th day of this stuff. I need my life back, and my daughter needs her mom back to normal! If you have any suggestions or ideas I would appreciate them.
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I think a rheumatologist is the right step,,,sounds like rheumatoid arthristis or darn it the disease that causes the butterfky like rash,,cant think of it now will resurch and get back to you
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What is Lupus?
The immune system is designed to attack foreign substances in the body. If you have lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system and it attacks healthy cells and tissues. This can damage many parts of the body such as the:
Blood vessels
There are many kinds of lupus. The most common type, systemic lupus erythematosus, affects many parts of the body. Other types of lupus are:
Discoid lupus erythematosus - causes a skin rash that doesn't go away
Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus - causes skin sores on parts of the body exposed to sun
Drug-induced lupus - can be caused by medications
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One other thing to consider could be Lyme disease even if the test is negative. That is commonly the case. Any chance of a tick bit in the recent past?
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Here is update 1)
I have recently had a couple of dizzy spells and the dizziness isn’t occurring when Im moving around. Once I was just standing and talking to a friend and the other I was sitting and teaching. Yesterday morning on my way to work I felt some pain in the left side of my chest. I pulled off the road and the pain subsided after about a minute or so. I decided then to go ahead and drive to the doctor rather than to work. The doctor was not in yet, but the nurse took my blood pressure and it was 102/60. She said that she would notify the doctor when he arrived. The doctor called me shortly after I got to work and told me that he was still in the process of getting me an appointment with a rheumatologist (as there is only 3 within a 100 miles of me); however, he would do everything possible to get in touch with one on Monday and get me an appointment scheduled as soon as possible. He said that if over the weekend my dizzy spells got any worse or more frequent or if I had chest pains again to immediately go to the ER. I am beginning to not like my doctor as much as before. I have gotten some great recommendations for a general doctor at another hospital; however, he is about an hour away.
Also, I do not know if this is a related symptom, but I have been having some heart burn. I do not normally have heart burn and the last time I remember having it I was pregnant (nearly 3 yrs ago). The heart burn has been present even when I haven’t eaten anything that would normally give me heart burn (like salad with ranch dressing).
Today (01/10/09) and yesterday my I have felt about the same (usually my symptoms have differed from day to day). My fatigue has lifted some, but my knees are still stiff and somewhat painful, my shins still ache (almost like growing pains or slight shin splits), and my feet still hurt. My foot pain is mostly stiffness, my heels are slightly painful, and my arches are sore. I have been on my feet very little lately mostly because of the pain. Even at my job they have taken several measures to try and keep me in a sitting position while teaching. The pain also doesn’t seem to be any better even after sleeping through the night. The rash and low grade fever that I had has appeared to have gone away as of yesterday, and has not returned today
I followed the spondyloarthropathy link and did notice the symptoms of Reactive Arthritis and it mentions heel pain, so I may see about getting the genetic test it mentioned. As for the Celiac disease I haven’t had any real gastrointestinal or digestive issues (other than the recent heart burn).
As for fifths disease, I haven’t had the red cheeks at all, and none of the children at school have had any of the symptoms. My supervisor is familiar with 5ths disease, so I asked her about it and she said that she doesn’t believe this is what Ive got. However, she mentioned she was concerned about rheumatic fever, because a month or so ago everyone seemed to get strep throat except for me. She said she was now concerned that maybe I got it and just didn’t have the symptoms of strep which if untreated can lead to rheumatic fever.
Upon going over my test results which I will post below, I noticed that I am only 0.01 below testing positive for Lyme disease. So this is still a definite concern for me.
I truly appreciate you all taking the time to respond to my post, and I will continue to keep you updated.
Total Cholesterol 111mg/dL –Normal goal of less than 200
Triglycerides 120 mg/dL –Normal goal of less than 150
HDL 28 mg/dL –Normal goal of 55 or higher
VLDL 24 mg/dL –Normal 0-40
LDL 59 mg/dL –Normal is less than 100
Glucose (Glu) 90 mg/dL –Normal 65 to 99
Sodium (Na) 136 mmol/L Normal 136 to 148
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 12 mg/dL –Normal 5 to 26
Creatinine (Creat) 0.69 mg/dL –Normal 0.57 to 1.0
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 17 –Normal 10.01 to 20.99
Potassium (K) 3.7 mmol/L –Normal 3.5 to 5.5
Phosphate (PO4) 2.8 mg/dL –Normal 2.5 to 4.5
Chloride (CI) 100 mmol/L –Normal 96 to 109
Calcium (CA) 8.9 mg/dL –Normal 8.5 to 10.6
Total Protein 6.3 g/dL –Normal 6.0 to 8.5
Albumin 3.8 g/dL –Normal 3.5 to 5.5
Globulin 2.5 g/dL –Normal 1.5 to 4.5
Albumin/Globulin Ratio 1.5 –Normal is 1.11-2.5
Alk Phos 71 IU/L –Normal 25 to 150
LDH 199 IU/L –Normal 100 to 250
AST (SGOT) 14 IU/L –Normal 0 to 40
ALT (SGPT) 19 IU/L –Normal 0 to 40
GGT 13 IU/L –Normal 0 to 66
TBILI 0.2 mg/dL –Normal 0 to 0.5
Glom Filt Rate (eGFR) 59.01 mL/min –Normal 59 to 129
Lyme Disease (IgG/IgM Ab) 0.9 index –Normal 0 to 0.9
Lyme Disease (Ab Quant IgM) 0.9 Index –Normal 0 to 0.9

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 1.7 uIU/mL –Normal 0.35 to 5.5
White Blood Cells (WBC) 8.8 X 10-3/uL -Normal 4.0 and 10.5
Red Blood Cells (RBC) 4.23 x 10-6/ul –Normal 3.8 to 5.1
Hemoglobin (HGB) 13.6 g/dL –Normal 11.5 to 15.0
Hematocrit (HCT) 39.8 % -Normal 34 to 44
Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) 94 fl –Normal 80 to 100
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH) 32.3 pg –Normal 27 to 34
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) 34.3 g/dL –Normal 30 to 36
Red Blood Cell Distribution (RDW) 12.8% -Normal 11.7 to 15.01
Platelets (PLT) 279 X 10-3/uL –Normal 140 to 415
Neutrophils 78 % -Normal 40 to 74.01
Lymphs 15 % -Normal 14 to 46.01
Monocytes 5 % -Normal 4 to 13.01
Eosinophils (Eos) 2 % -Normal 0 to 7.01
Basophils (Basos) 0 % -Normal 0 to 3.01
Uric Acid Level 3.9 ug/dL –Normal 2.4 to 8.2
Rheumatoid Arthritis 6.9 IU/ml –Normal 0 to 14
Sedimentation Rate (ESR or “sed rate”) 4 mm/hr –Normal 0 to 21

Blood Pressure
01/09/09 – 102/60
01/06/09 -128/82
12/29/08 -102/59
08/26/08 -116/74
05/12/08 -116/75

Body Mass Index (BMI)
12/29/08 -23.1
08/26/08 -21.1
05/12/08 -19.5
12/29/08 -126 lbs
08/26/08 -119 lbs
05/12/08 -110 lbs
I believe that my weight gain is most likely contributed to the fact that I have had much less stress in my life, since I am the type to unconsiously not eat when under stress.
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Update 2)

Sunday (the 10th) was the first day I woke up with out pain. I had some pain in my feet and knees throughout the day, but it did not last very long. The rash has not returned and neither has the fever. Today (the 11th) I have had very little pain, but some fatigue. On Saturday evening (the 9th) I did eat a huge plate of fresh salmon since my doc said my good cholesterol was low. I do not know if this is what has eased my symptoms or not, but today I have started fish oil pills.

I finally have an appointment with a rheumatologist (funny I finally got it today)! However, it isnt until Febuary 2nd. I thought about not going only because my symptoms have seemed to go away, but I am too fearful they may return! The nurse at the rheumatologists office said that my first visit would just be me going over my symptoms and then they would send me to a lab so that they can run many many tests. The rheumatologist that I am being referred to is known for figuring out "exotic" ailments even when it is not rheumatoid arthritis.

I plan to take some notes with me to the doctor to discuss several things that have been mentioned to me. I will continue to keep you all posted, and again thank you for taking the time to give your advice and voice your concerns.
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Have you ever been tested for lyme disease?
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You are not alone.  I have been scouring the internet looking for answers as my wife has almost verbatim experience you have described. She had a hysterectomy and was back on her feet feeling fine in just over a week. Everything seemed fine when the wheels fell of the cart. She started with her thumb swelling up to where she couldn’t bend it. She started running fevers in the late afternoons for several days. She would come home from work and just fall apart. The swelling moved to her wrists, all her fingers, her knees and occasional back pain. I forgot to mention she had been having rash outbreaks for over a year and was taking allergy shots for about a year (that were not helping). She has gone to an arthritis specialist and he tested her and the results came back negative for rheumatoid arthritis but he tested the fluid he drained from her knee and said it tested positive for inflammation properties so he thinks its RA. She has been on steroids for several weeks now and they work containing all the symptoms but as we are reducing the dose replacing it with the other medicine the doctor states works for RA my wife is in a lot of pain and struggles to make it through the day.  We have her next appointment this Tuesday and hope for a better approach. I will update you as to our progress and please keep this post going if you find out any news. My wife’s iron is low as well. Sorry for jumping around but as I am typing this things are popping in my head.
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You really need to look into Lupus.
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I have had similar symptoms for three years; although I don't have a diagnosis yet, I would recommend a ANA test and thyroid antibody test. They are the some of the first labs that have come back abnormal for me, and can explain a lot of the symptoms.
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Please keep me updated on what the doctors say to you, my email is amzpromotions.***@**** I'm not a spammer or anything I have word for word the same issues you had, only I also had chest congestion sinus drainage and a raw throat, I'm still awaitng results from lupus testing and rheumatic fever, the doc said my wbc count is high suggesting infection but all other results normal and I'm terrified bc I can't even gather strength to bathe much less eat or drive. Please help me
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I know this entry it old, but I randomly started getting ridiculous pain in my ankles and elbows when I wake up, and upon reading this my jaw dropped. The rash, the heartburn, everything... Please tell me if u every figured out what was wrong..
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I know this posting is dated but ditto everything you said - but for me.  I ended up with lyme disease and lupus.  Started 3 years ago and I was a happy healthy 40 year old 5'6" 120 lbs.  Now I've turned into a miserable mess weighing about 180-190.  I hope you have a better outcome than me so far.  
I found your post while looking for some other disease which may be causing what I have that my be treatable.  Good luck to you all.
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My symptoms occurred slowly over a few years unbeknownst to me, and after a lot of testing, extreme pain I was finally diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome which I completely recovered from but gave me CIDP which is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy; a disease that stems from a combination of things.  Lyme disease, Flu vaccine and the actual flu.  I pray that this is not the case for you or any of the other folks that have posted here.  My symptoms started out as fatigue, depression, weakness in my limbs, low grade fever, headaches.  Things progressed rapidly and I became paralized from my neck down and had to have a tracheotomy and almost died 3 times due to respiratory failure.  Please have the doctors do a spinal tap, it is a much better test and more definitive.  The pain was throught my entire body but not in any one spot but the intensity was extreme.
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I am Parv from India. I have the same symptoms for last 1 month and changed 4 MBBS (physician) docs by now but no doc could diagnosed it till now and put me on different pain killers and antibiotics. I am tired of this pain now..and your post show me a ray of hope to me. can you pls let me know what illness is this and how to cure it. my email ID is ***@****.
Thank you so much. wish all the ppl over here who are suffering from the same the right diagnosis,  right medicine and fastest recovery.
Thank you

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