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Mental issues along with Chest and eye pain caused by aluminum
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Mental issues along with Chest and eye pain caused by aluminum

I'm looking for some answers that I have been unable to get from the many Doctors I've seen and all the tests I've had done.  Not exactly impressed with the medical community currently.  I have figured out that this is all caused by Aluminum in my foods, antiperspirants, etc.  I'm just trying to figure out why.

This all started about 1 1/2 years ago with intermittent Chest pains and severe pain in my right eye (a single point just behind on the bottom right side from my perspective)

The chest pains could be very severe, or just weird crawly sensations (like a thread working its way along my nerves)

Went to see a doctor and she ordered some tests.  1 Test was the chest monitor that you wear for 24 hrs and it records things.  While getting the base line for that the nurse went to consult a doctor and they admitted me to the hospital because it looked like I was having a heart attack (I wasn't)

I would have a heart beat skip and an extremely heavy one following that quite a few times during the day, this was passed off as "normal" by a heart doctor while in the hospital.  Since my discovery of the Aluminum issue and my removal of it from my life this has gone away (or at least become non noticeable if I continue to have similar heart beats like this).  Actually getting one is a good indicator that I screwed up and chest pains will be coming soon.

Along with the physical issues was some mental confusion and anger issues.  I was frankly not as smart as I used to be, stress would trigger anger very quickly (I'm usually fairly laid back, and deal with stress situations OK)  Snapping at people, difficulty following long conversations due to a lack of short term memory (needed to take lots of notes, and have parts reiterated to follow more than simple ideas) made my job very difficult.

My wife took the brunt of it and she's a saint who is thankfully still with me.

Along with everything else, motivation/energy was at an all time low.  Going to the store for an hour would wear me out and all I wanted was to go home and sit down.

By chance I noticed that a headache kicked in about 2 hours after I drank a pop in a can (the low energy meant that was all I did for those 2 hours).  I experimented a 2nd time and sure enough, pop in a can == headache 2 hours later.

Since then I've done research on aluminum content on foods and everything else in my every day life and removed it all.

High dose Vitamin C taken while having symptoms or after accidentally eating something that has Aluminum in in helps minimize/stop symptoms.  This is based on a study that shows that the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C can remove aluminum from the blood stream.

I also took a ton of supplements that where supposed to help strengthen the sulfation process which is one of the ways the body removes toxins.

After doing that for about 2 weeks I ended up peeing about 6 times in 2 hours (long full ones) meaning I was retaining water (and sure enough I lost that extra weight I was kind of concerned about.  I'm very thin so I wasn't technically over weight, just not sure why I had gained the 12ish pounds).  Stiffness that I had been living with for a long time went down after that.  This was one of those symptoms that you don't notice because you lived with it for so long its normal to you.

I'm finally to the point after a year that I'm not exploding at people, yelling at my wife over trivial things and in general much happier and more alert mentally.

I've also discovered that taking SAM-E which supports some liver stuff seems to allow me to eat/drink an occasional item which contains aluminum, though if I over due it its an issue still.  Prior to taking this for a few weeks eating a piece of cake with Sodium Aluminum Phosphate in the baking powder would cause chest pains once it was done getting into the blood stream.

Looking for help, I can't afford to keep going to the doctor to have more worthless test after worthless test, I'm still paying on the original tests/hospital stay.

I just feel that I'm controlling symptoms but there's an underlying issue which may cause issues down the road.  Seems to be linked to my liver if SAM-E is helping.
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I forgot to add that Ibuprofen (about 800 milligrams) would help the eye pain if it happened.  This is before I discovered the Vitamin C thing.

So it must be caused by inflammation
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