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Pain in hands and burning joints
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Pain in hands and burning joints

My symptoms started suddenly last September in 2012. I woke one
morning with terrible pain in my finger joints, it was mainly my
middle and top finger joints and affected every single finger but
there was no swelling.
I went to the doctors and was put on NSAID’s which did nothing to
help. Over the next few weeks the pain was in my palms and was a
burning pain almost like frost bite and the pain was still in my
This lasted about 6 weeks and then as quickly as it came it went away.
A few days after the pain had gone I suddenly developed pins and
needles in both hands and feet, it was quite intense and lasted around
a week, it then turned into small electric shock feelings.
I continued to have strange sensations along with off and on pain in
my hands and fingers for a few months.
In the New Year I began experiencing pain in all my joints. It was
usually one or two joints affected at a time but it migrated
constantly to different joints.
The migration joint pain has been the main symptom for the last 11
months. Sometimes I have burning pain, sometimes aching sometimes
sharp. There is never any visible swelling or redness.
I have had a MRI brain scan, full bloods including ESR, RF factor and
thyroid function but all have come back clear.
I have tried different medications but the only one that helps is Amitryptyline.
My main concern now is my hands as they are very tight when opening
them and can sometimes get sore and stiff.
I understand your concern regarding your symptoms and it is good that the initial diagnostic test results were fine. Pain, numbness, pins and needles and electric shock feeling are all neurological symptoms. You may benefit from a referral to a neurologist also to determine the underlying cause. Complete neurological exam and additional diagnostic tests may need to be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
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