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Pancreas divisum,recurrent acute pancreatitis and myopathy(?)
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Pancreas divisum,recurrent acute pancreatitis and myopathy(?)

Hi ther Hi there,

I am 25yo female from Russia.My life seems to be crap,but I am still cheerful.Since I am still alive,please,help me to find a way to change this life.Hope,next life will be better.

weight: 41kg
Max weight was 49 in 16

3yo.I was diagnosed chronic pancreatitis.Had a great deal of flare ups with vomiting(with short breaks),falling faint and so on.I was treated with anti-inflammatory iv,some other drugs(prohibited in other countries).Spent 2-3 times(each time 1-1.5months)in hospitals/year+calls for ambulance.It lasted till 21yo.Had short break(2years) and then the health got worse.

Other diagnoses: gall bladder issues,scoliosis,iron deficiency anemia,cystitis,myopathy(?),high acid in stomach(?)-forgot an English name and so on.

24yo.The health got worse.Started to have some kind of heart issues.Abrupt changes in heart beats,like tachycardia,though heart is ok. Then heart rate went to 50-52times/min.Now it is 62.Had stomachache.Was hospitalized in local hospital.The doctor prescribed FLEET for colonoscopy.Drank only 1bottle.The colonoscopy was performed without anesthesia.Almost died after FLEET,couldn't eat,drink,severe vomiting,migraine.In hospital I  was given only omeoprazole,enzymes,glucose,K,Mg,diazepam(was considered to be crazy).After colonoscopy I was realised with pain.Started to have strong pancreas pain every day.Couldn't eat.Lost weight.

24yo in Hong Kong,September 2012.Had to go to HK since couldn't eat,Russian doctors didnt want to help.Was diagnosed PANCREAS DIVISUM and recurrent acute pancreatitis.Nobody saw such case in HK,so they said it is better not touch my pancreas.
Now.Have pain almost every day.After eating or before,mostly after.The pain lasts for hours.Lost weight.Now I am 41kg.Got problems with heart,checked it,it is ok.Had high CPT in blood after test at cardiologist's.Was just walking,couldn't overcome even fast walking.

Tell me,please,what to do with pancreas divisum?do I really need ERCP(read about it,little of success stories)?
Is it possible that I have myopathy?-I have very weak muscles,didnt see same stuff in others.Also unstraight spine and other problems with it.

looking forward to hear from anyone.Help me,please
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