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Tardive Dyskinesia.
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Tardive Dyskinesia.

  some sort of peculiar movement/jerks
in various parts of body one at a time. Sometime in shoulders,sometimes in mouth, sometimes abdominal jerking.

His diagonosis is as follows:-
in the yr .2003. EEG was done. Result - Nothing was found.
                       Wilson's disease ( blood & urine )  done. Result Nothing  Found.
                        Stool Test done. Result-   Little-bit Acidic otherwise normal.
When in 2003 ,these jerks were very Vigorous.so  treatment started by Doctor
by prescribing: DESVAL ER -1000 & TRIAMINC  twice daily.
In 2004 end. This Desval ER -500 n Triaminc was advised.
But problem was not totally cured, it persist just 5%, i.e. occassional jerking OR  Winking of eyes. or Jaws in mouth.
Whenever these JERKS/Tickling use to increase DRs. uses to increse the
DESVAL by 500 or 750 OR by TWICE daily or by 1000,, and treatment continues. Unfortunately  my son never cured tottaly.
In 2005  when all of sudden Dr, decreased the DESVAL - ER by 250 once daily
it was found that his jerking has relapsed, started jerking vigourousely. but more than ever.
Therefore another NEUROLOGIST Dr. under  his treatment changed the medicne. as follows.-
Desval Er 250  ALL twice daily. this continues. My son got relief
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Good to hear that. Have trust and complete faith on  your doctor. It’s a matter of time as the drugs have its own time to set the action at its best.

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