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brain lessons ????????????????????????
if you have lessons in the brain and its not ms what is it. my 24 year daughter went through ct scan, nothing. two mri's found 8 to 10 lessons. spinal tap nothing. started 6 months ago, with the right eye seeing a shadow on a persons face, but all around it was fine.  right side of tougne swelled up.left side of her face was going numb. than her legs tingleing on the left side going up to the arms. than the left side of her eye was ringing.

treatment after the first mri was, intravenous some steriods.?? name of it.
for 5 days for one hour at a time.
was getting better.
the right eye again weeks later, 3 more days of IV. got better.
just last week the right eye again 3 more days of IV.
what is going on.
was in mexico on july 20th for a week.
does smoke mj every once in a while.
maybe something different in that.
goes out dancing in a place fill with people
has a job with people standing in front of her desk
sometimes in her room she brings cups of food and things grows in it.
she sleep with her phone and computer next to her head.
i dont know what else to say
worried andrea's mommy
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