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help me please, sick for 7 months
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help me please, sick for 7 months

in feb this year I started to feel like I had had the flu for a month, I had EXTREME fatigue. I was convinced I just was run down but I couldn't function.

* early march, it was the second day of my period and I was in unusually severe pain, severe nausea( my periods were much improved the last year or so). I visited my doc after passing a blood clot the size of a golf ball. My period was extremely heavy also. He gave me painkillers and told me to visit hospital if things got worse.

* the next night I had a chocolate coated ice-cream and literally as I was eating it all I could taste was metal. I had a friend try it and they said it was fine. 5 seconds later I started vomiting for about an hour non stop. I got severe pain in the same location on my left side and felt like it was the worst pain of my entire life. I was rushed to hospital and given morphine. They did blood tests and found a white cell count of 21. My kidney function was below 60 so they gave me antibiotics for a kidney infection.  

* for a month after discharge my symptoms got increasingly worse. The antibiotics did not help. I got very high fevers over 38, my blood was measured at the doc to be 160 on top. My heart palpitations were extreme and I would wake up drenched in sweat with severe nausea, shaking badly and wanting to vomit.  

* My gp tried 5 different antibiotics as they did not know what was making me sick, and a second blood test showed normal kidney function (week after visiting)around this time I  I  went back on the gluten in April as the only food I could tolerate was bread and fruit ice blocks. my fevers went away after a course of flagyl (5th antibiotic they tried) - keflex and amoxicillin did nothing.

* I also did an ultrasound of both the reproductive and general abdomen. They found a 'slightly contracted' gallbladder which was of no concern to my doc. They also found two 1cm cysts on my liver, a 1cm cyst on my left kidney.  

* since then I've done multiple ct scans and ultrasounds with no findings. a ct in June showed the remnants of a small stone and I passed some stone crystals and blood in a urine test.

* I saw a gastro who gave me an endoscopy and colonoscopy and found only blastocystis a common parasite that doesn't usually cause such severe problems. I was treated with 5 weeks worth of antibiotics and the parasite tests came back negative. It has been more than 3months since my treatment and the nausea isn't gone.  

* I've had many blood tests - all have been Normal (I've had at least 7) the only findings were slightly low iron (I've always been low), vitamin d of only 12 and low zinc levels. My thyroid results the last 4 tests have showed a tsh of 40, 35, 0.14 and currently returned to 30. I have seen an endocrinologist who doesn't believe this is significant ESP. Since at the onset of my 'mystery illness' my thyroid results were all normal.

* heart ultrasound - trivial mitral valve regurgitation

* since this incident I have been extremely sick, here is a summary of my symptoms in order of occurrence, up to fatigue are my everyday symptoms, the rest come and go:

*  severe consistent nausea - especially with bowel movements
* severe heart palpitations & flutter
* stabbing pain on left side and sore rib cage ( I can't sleep on it)
* chest pain
* neck pain
*sore throat  
* constant urge to poo but will only do small amounts sometimes 5 times a day (narrow stools) other days I will do 5 normal amounts but with semi soft stools
* fatigue
* mood swings
* bouts of insomnia that come and go
* entire body aches  
* always feeling hot
* fevers between 37.5 and 38 that come and go for 2 or 4 days and then go away.  
* chills
* sore lymph glands
* sore breasts  
* sensation of chest on fire with nausea
* headaches  
* 15 kilo weight loss
* breathlessness with exertion
* stomach cramps
* slight drooping of right lip and numbness (sometimes)
*tickling sensation in throat
I since have had an ANA test come up positive at 80 titres speckled.

Negative for celiac disease, hepatitis, hiv, chlamydia, ghnorrea, rotavirus, cytomegalovirus. Normal kidney, liver blood results. Even my latest thyroid results are now 0.45 which is within normal limits. I don't have thyroid antibodies. Even had a blood culture, which was normal.

Please what could it be?

Thank you, Lena
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ask the doctor to do a Heavy metal toxicity test ...it lbe environmental allergies ..
Hi. Margypops! Thanks for the suggestion. He did test me for lead poisoning and I do have lead in my blood but not enough to be considered "lead poisoning". What other metals should my doc test for? Thanks
They usually run a panel  here are some they look for Lead,Mercury Cadmium, Aluminum,Iron   there are many more   here is a good link  www.lef.org/protocols/health.../heavy_metal_toxicity_01.htm     I am going to get one done as I get symptoms also I know  my area has been bombarded with the aerial spraying they have been doing , take a look at the video ,in fact 2 have been made ..'What on earth are they Spraying" and 'What in the World are they Spraying"   put them into the search engine .Ginger 899 has a journal up about it ..good luck
Thanks Margy, I just discovered a tiny pea size lump on my sternoclavicular joint near my neck, my doc wasn't concerned but I'm booked in for an ultrasound anyway. Hopefully this might show why I've had a sore throat for 6months although my doctor doesn't think so. I'm Getting a 2nd opinion this weekend.
Just an update for everyone, I'm doing a 3d ultrasound tomorrow after visiting a gynaecologist he suspects bowel endometriosis. He wants to do a laparoscopy, but I'm not keen on being opened up if he isn't 100% sure. Will a 3d ultrasound show bowel endometriosis? Of the any people they diagnose after laparoscopy, I'd like to know how many end up NOT having the disease? Does anyone have any knowledge about this please? Thank you!
well I hope they get rid of the flu for you with all those symptoms ...good luck
Does endometriosis cause fevers? Flu symptoms? Thanks
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