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multiple symptoms for many years
i have so many symptoms that just don't seem to fit anywhere.  this has been going on for a few years & i think i have the pattern of a typical flare down. they can last anywhere from 6wks to a few days.
1- emotional instability
2- pain in right kidney area, right side, right lower back
3- fatigue
4- loss of appetite and food aversions all the way to bulimia/anorexia type actions  
5- hallucinations
6- stomache tenderness
7- stomache pain(thought once i was having an ectopic pregnancy)
8- cloudy urine
9- horrible leg pain that i can only describe as if they had been crushed.  i am a dance instructor this is nothing like muscle soreness or a pulled muscle.  
10- profound muscle weakness (can't walk or sit upright)

other general symptoms are elevated heart rate (take propanolol for this), myoclonus, left side of face droops(?), trace blood in urine, slightly elevated ck levels, muscle stiffness, night sweats, difficulty swallowing, vision disturbances, migraines, interstitial cystitis.  

tests:  t-spine & brain MRI, several lupus, wilsons, myasthenia gravis, EEG, EMG, porphyria, lyme

any ideas would be appreciated.
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