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stiffness and pain in feet
hi,my name is jeanne
i have a 9 yr. old son that is complaining of pain and stiffness in his feet, and could be stiffness
in his legs to. i know his hands have stiffness in them to. i know there is no broken bones. i have had lots
of x-raysb but can.t seem to get any fertere than this. i have the school calling about my son copplaining
i have been to his dr.so many times, and urgent cares, its not funny. they sem to feel . if its not broken
hes ok. he stopped doing sports, because the pain that comes with it last for days. i need or want to get my son into shriners hosp. but i can,t get the referrals needed. i really need someones help. its so unfair for my son to go through this, and for his mother to have to play dr. i thought i lived in america. welcome to the usa.
                                                                                      thank you for listening,
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