Blood in stool
by trickyspark, Oct 11, 2010
I have been having blood in my stool for about 3 months. It started when I began my new job. I had a very easy desk job before, and my only exercise was from 40 minutes a day in the gym. After this job began, a week later I notice a pink stripe down the side of my bowel movement. I began going more regularly too, someone said this was from the increase in activity (constant heavy lifting and running around). This continued (no pain anywhere) until one day when I had unloaded 600lbs of paper by hand (50lbs at a time), then reloaded, unloaded, and stacked it in 6 foot stacks.I felt the normal urge to go and only wound up passing a huge amount of fresh blood (no pain), no stool at all. It was after that day that I began having loose stool regularly, as well as blood in the water and on the paper, as before it was only a single pink/light-red stripe down the stool.

This has been going on for 3 months, I was trying to wait for my insurance to kick in (November 1st) and have a colonscopy scheduled the second week of November. Everything I read online says I probably have cancer, and this worries me. I have trouble containing bowel movements, almost incontinent sometimes. I feel like I have to go urgently and it turns out to be a large fart (sometimes oily) and about a teaspoon/tablespoon of pellet like stool. My job is extrememly stressful and I'm hoping that is causing the diahrrea. I have no pain, just an increased urge to go which only seems to come when I'm standing up or being active.

Any opinions? I had an off the record examination and the doctor said he thinks it's an anal fissure. I had one when I was a kid, and it was extremely bloody, but it healed and didn't last 3 months with changes in my stool composition and bowel movements like this has. If I take an extremely hot Sitz bath and use preparation H the bleeding seems to stop or lessen greatly.

Am I going to be ok to wait another month or am I already screwed (by the sound of it and what I read I feel I am). I was given some type of steroid ointment to apply annaly. It seemed the blood took on a dark jelly appearnce, but didnt subside. My aunt suggested preparation H and that seemed to help, I even had a few days with no blood. If it were a hemmoroid wouldn't it be painful? And hemmoroids don't cause that increased urge to have a bowel movement right?

There is no family history of colon or similiar cancer in my family. My father has had a melonoma, quite severe, but that was over 32 years ago and recovered.
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by GettingOlder, Oct 12, 2010
Early detection is what saved my life! During a routine colonoscopy they found a small tumor. It had spread to my lymph nodes and I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. I had surgery followed by 6 months of really hard chemo (Folfox). I urge you to see a gastro doc and get checked as soon as possible!!! Best wishes!
by trickyspark, Nov 03, 2010
My insurance finally became active November 1, I had a colonscopy done November 2nd. They found a 30cm (almost 1 foot) section of my colon and intestine were red and inflamed, with lots of pus. The O.P. note listed it as collitis, with some biopsies preformed to determine what the infection was. They said it was not cancerous, I had no polyps, or hemmoroids of any kind either. This is a relief, as the amount of blood that I am/was loosing each day didn't seem to have a positive outcome.
by cat9841, Mar 26, 2011
just courious, why if it was not cancer did they make you go through 6 monts of hard chemo? my colonscopy is monday and I am so scared.