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Cancer &lt; Help!!!!!

Hello I am a 30 year old female with no kids.  I’m very embarrassed and I hope I don’t have cancer.
I have suffered with constipation my whole life.  I never ate much fiber.  About 3 years ago, I remember having an extremely large stool that would not pass. I strained badly to get it out.  It caused extreme pain for days. I bled badly from it and bright red blood was in the toilet. I was scared and went to the doctor.  He said it was hemorrhoids without examining me.  He prescribed that I eat fiber.  After that I changed me eating patterns and ate fiber. The symptoms went away for months.  I only notice the blood after constipation, which was rare after I changed my eating habits.
Then last year I had the same problem again after falling off my fiber diet.  It felt like I ripped my anus, and I saw lots of blood. The doctor did a rectal exam 1 year ago and she stuck her fingers in my rectum. She said they were hemorrhoids and to take a stool softener and to apply the prescription steroid hemorrhoids medicine.  I did that and I was fine again.  
So this week, I suffered from constipation after eating improperly for about a week. The stool was hard and painful to get out.  There was blood in the toilet. My anus feels ripped when I push the stool out.  I often feel a fleshy lump on my rectum after straining, but it goes away a day later.
I rarely have stomach aches or pains. Its just really hard to past stool when im not eating fell. Then the blood comes. Then my anus hurts for a day or 2. It doesn’t itch much or cause stomach pain. The blood is always on one side of the stool.
I do not have insurance, and cannot afford a colonostrophy (sp?)
I have been diagnosed with a high risk strand of vaginal HPV, but I have a normal pap smear result each year.  I also have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids.

What should I do? Does it sound like cancer?
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Hi welcome to our community... I happened upon your post and just wanted to stop by and say hello and Happy New Year.  Hoping others will stop by with some suggestions.
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