by kaicha, Oct 27, 2012
Hi! I am 20 years old. My bf and I have been together for almost a year now. He is a very nice man but sometimes he does things that makes me think that his cheating on me. For example sometimes he won't call me like for five days nore text. And I always try my best to make him happy and never won't like to see him sad. Whenever we are together he barley talk to me and most of the time am the one doing the talking trying to keep conversation going on and I can tell he doesn't want to even hear my voice. What should I do in this case???
by Shelly BullardBlank, Nov 01, 2012
The best thing you can do in this relationship is be you. It sounds like you are afraid that he is hiding things from you--but it seems like you are hiding things too (like, your authentic self). The point of relationships is not to be happy all the time and never let our partners see our true feelings--the point is to be real. When you start being more honest about who you really are, it's likely that he will start showing up in the relationship in a real way too.
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