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My girlfriend broke up with me but !
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My girlfriend broke up with me but !

Hey you guys, whats up !!
So here is the thing. My girlfriend and I been dating for a whole year now. We had lots and lots of fun, romantic nights, and happy relationship. Yes we had some argues and stuff, its normal in any healthy relationship ! But we truly love each other.
She lives with me for about 6 months now.

Summer came and we aren't living together anymore do to visiting and traveling.
Since summer, we had lots and lots of fights. She says that I'm clingy and ask too much questions and being jealous a lot ! She says that I always make her feel depressed and she feels unconformable talking to me and chatting. She doesn't call me baby or sweetie or love you that much now. She constantly pick on and calling me bad names and really hurt my feelings every time we have an argument !!
Three times she said that she wants some space. first one I cried and begged her ( I know, big mistake ) she said fine. The other 2 I gave her her space. every time we grow apart she calls texts me the next day and says she missed me and wants me back.

Every time we get in a fight. I apologize and promise her to be a better man next time. I change, but she says I Didn't see you that you've changed! I still feel irritated when I talk to you and you make me mad at every little thing !
She took me for granted this summer. She called me really hurtful names and I just forgive her and take her back and says its ok !
Last night, I called her up. I was really nice and funny, but I felt in her voice that she's not interested at all. Out of the blue, she said that she cant handle me anymore and she fed up with me being her man. And she doesn't want me to be her friend either. Man I cried ! and said to her you promised me that you will give me a chance! She said I still don't see you that you have changed. I respected her wished and said goodbye.

Today. I got a text from her saying that she was just joking and fooling around. I got mad and told her that this isn't funny at all !! I have feelings and you don't get to play with it. She got mad and said I'm sorry for texting you !

after 3 hrs. She texts me back and said she wasn't joking at all !! but she missed me and wants me back. But she doesn't want to apologize for what she did. Now as I'm writing this letter. She texts me saying that she's crying and cant live without, and wants me back.

Look guys. I'm really a jealous guy. and I love talking to her all the time. I'm clingy I admit it. I forgive her really fast. I ADORE her, give her lots and lots of presents. Take her to different places. Whenever she needs something or wants something I work hard to do it or get it. I Cheer her up. She's my very first love =')

She got this pride, and she adores me so much. Takes care of me, she's a good girlfriend !
She had 3 bad relationships that left her heartbroken.

And I'm the first nice guy that she ever met

So I don't know what to do !
I don't want to lose her cuz I really love her, and at the same time want to teach her a lesson that she would never take me for granted again !!
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Avatar m tn

   I think you should check the root of your jealousy.  If she has cheated on you or done things to merit jealousy than maybe you should take time off.  However, if she has been loyal and never merited your controlling nature than you need to relax on it.

   If you both love each other than you can work out diffrences.  If i was you i would take some time off.  Give her some space and than see how things work out.

  Also study her past and history.  I remember being clingy when i was young with someone.  She had bad relationships with guys who were controlling, so she figured i would be the same.  

  If there is true love the relationship can be mended.  Good luck.

Avatar n tn
Yes !! my jealousy didn't come out of a sudden
more than one occasion, I found out that she calls her ex's to " end everything "
because her ex's keep calling her over and over. they want her to get back to her

But she never cheated

1415482 tn?1459706314
Let me first apologize for the sad truth I am about to bring across, it is not meant to hurt you only to make you see what is right in front of you……

Your girlfriend does not want to be with you. She wants you around because you are a nice guy and deep down she knows that you are good for her, with all the presents and the going out. She knows she can play with your emotions and she can make you and break you at her bidding. Don’t do this to yourself man! Her seldom acts of kindness towards you is her guilt; she knows you love her and she feels bad for treating you that way. When you love someone you want everything to be so perfect believe me when I say, take a look around at those around you who are in love, there’s no way this girl would be in love with you and treat you so poorly, women are emotional and when they’re not into you this is the behavior they give I’m a chick I know. When I love someone I’m clingy when they love me they are the ones that seem to cling a tad bit too much. Don’t waste your time dude it’s obvious. Her heart might still be with one of the other guys that hurt her and she hasn’t gotten over him yet. Man up and don’t let her play with your feelings, when u start ignoring her and treating her poorly, you will see such a transformation!
1635107 tn?1313389835
Hi, well from what i see is that you guys need more communication.
You need to stop been so clingy with her, as girls we want a MAN that shows his manhood in a positive way. Like you dont have to txt, talk all the time. She asked you for space, maybe she feel like your suffocating her by you doing all those thing... you just gatta relax and just keep your self busy by doing your own things... Dont be 110% available for her... If she says JUMp... U JUmp!!!! like NO... You are an individual that has your own opinion. Be respectful to her, as a women... And it sounds like she has feeling for you... but you gatta stop been so clingy... let her miss you by not been available or you been so attentive to her... like theres gatta be a balance for everything... in a relationship too. Join the Gym, A sport maybe things like that will be insteresting things to her... you gatta make her want you!! but by you been there all over her wont happend... just relax... But Dont stop been there for her... like i said everything has a balance... Love her But LOve ur self TOO... and She will come around...

A bout the jealous, well you gatta trust her that she is not talking to her ex>> An just because other guys treated her bad doesnt mean YOU have to pay for it!!!! like i said LOve your self and she will come aroud... talk to her and hope things will work... BE A MAN!!!! ans stand up for your self... speak up when u have to... (With respect all the time) and dont cry when she tells you she doesnt want you on the phone... (do it when ur alone)... and when she calls you BAD NAMES... HANG UP!!!!! and if she calls tell her you wont talk to her until she respects you!!!!!!!!!!! until she gets the point...
1287017 tn?1391057752
I agree with Kayannaboo. She does not want to be with you. If you all love each other, this going back and forth would not be going on.
Avatar m tn
I think you just need to ignore here for awhile or just tell her no no and no some more. She MIGHT be cheating and just comes to you when she wants sex. I am not saying she is, just that it is a possibility. If she keeps putting you down then she doesn't really love you for who you are just what you got down stairs.
Avatar f tn
I totally agree with Kayannaboo she's doggin u and here it is I would love someone like u you r too nice u don't let nobody do u like that seems to me u love her more and she's takin it for granted but I'm here to listen and give my opinion it all comes down to what u want if I could say anything to her it would be get it together cause u don't knw what u have till its gone stop playin with peoples feelings! The relationship needs respect if y'all get back together
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