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Pain pills.
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Pain pills.

My boyfriend has been hooked on pain pills for about 2-3 years now and it's gotten so bad he's taken 120 every two weeks he's been getting them from a pain managment dr. for about 1 year and a half now. He can't even go to work without it and uses every little excuse to take more. He sais he has back problems with the Dr. did agree but he keeps useing that as a excuse for everyone to have pity on him and over look the fact that he takes ten a day. He always denys that theres a problem but about a month ago addmited to me he knows he can get off them he just has to stay home for three days straight and not do anything. But once I suggest he do that he sais he has to work and theres no way he can miss work. Keep in mind he works for his daddy and gets paid everytime he stays home. We have a little girl together and another due in Feb. I don't want to break up our family but I can't keep letting him spend all of our money on this he's gunna end up killing himself. He has everyone in denial especially his family and everytime I try to get them to help me they act like I'm so horrible to even think this about him...Anyone have any suggestion or recomend something I can do.
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What is he taking and what dosage (how many Mg)...if he really wants off of them the sooner he does it the better...have him contact his pain management doctor and ask him/her for a taper schedule to help him get of of them...that will help to ease the withdrwawal symptoms because believe me withdrawl (withdrawal) can take more than 2-3 days depending on what he's taking) usualy 5-6 and there are after effects he will need help with..

for more information check out the addiction (not the social) site right here  on this board..  He will need your help and support and remember it is NOT going to be me..I know

Wishing bother of you the best...

Let me start off by saying I am so sorry you have to deal with this. This is a very serious thing and most people do not understand the effects it has on a relationship. Well I do. Reading your post is as if you were telling my story. My now ex-boyfriend has been taking percocets for approx 3 yrs now (thats also how long we were together). Samee exact story, his back and of course the dr. agreed bc guess what....majority of ppl DO have back problems. (my mother was also hooked on pills for 10 yrs bc of her back) Im not sure how serious your bf's back problems really are but i know that i have doubted mine...i felt as though it was always an excuse. Also something you should know is that the more pain meds yo take, the more pain receptors you build which therefore gives you MORE pain.

I dealt with this mostly this past year bc thats when it got really serious and there were many nights i cried myself to sleep while he was passed out bc he took so many pills. Our sex life was to say the least an embarrassment and he didnt want to do anything but work and be a couch potato. The back hurts.... Anyway after him putting me through all of this i really began to resent him and this is what is going to happen with you if this doesnt come to an end immediately! I broke up with him 2 months ago mainly because of the pills. Believe me it was very difficult bc i love this man more than i have ever loved anyone however....i deserve better, i deserve to be with someone that is going to put me before drugs.

Now when we were actually trying to work on things and he had me convinced of the back problems i took some advice from a wonderful woman on this site and i will relay it to you. If he claims he is taking these pills because of his back then i would suggest you getting more involved. Look for a new doctor for him because the one he has now obviously doesnt care about the patient, he's  just what you call a "writer". Go to the doctor with him and hear what he tells the dr. hear what the dr. has to say and do this together. Explain that you know there are alternative ways to subside the pain and you would like to discuss these options. There is ain management and physical therapy etc... really look into it and hopefully you guys can work through this together.

If you cant work through it, dont take it personally because someone that is taking these meds unfortunately doesnt care much about anything else. They obviously dont care about themselves to be putting poison in their bodys so how can you expect them to care about you?

I know this is really tough and its something unfortunately that some of us have to deal with, but one way or another...with or without will get through this.

I wish you the best of luck and if you need to talk please feel free to message me :)
Best wishes,
You may want to check out the Addiction forum for some more insight on this subject and also I have a journal up regarding addiction you may want to check out. I used to be a slave to pain pills and I know EXACTLY what your boyfriend is going through. I too, have back problems, which is what got me started on them to begin with. I was taking 40 to 60 pills a day and it won't be long before your boyfriend is right up there where I was if he doesn't stop soon. the only problem with that is you CANNOT help him with this. HE has to want this and want it more than anything. Until that time comes, there isn't much you are going to be able to do. It's called addiction and it takes all prisoners and has a hold you would not believe. Nothing else matters to addicts but the fix.

I can't tell you what's going to happen because I don't know but you can either be there for him and continue to encourage he seek help, or you can give up. He will need to attend NA meetings and/or counseling and get to the bottom of this problem. It's going to be a LOT of work for both of you and it's not going to be easy so be prepared.

feel free to message me if you would like to discuss further..
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