Why has he started to accuse me of lying?
by stellsbells, Dec 19, 2010
Recently, my boyfriend has started to accuse me of lying. For example, if I send him a message but he doesn't get it then I'm lying that I sent the message, and if I'm texting my family then I'm lying about who I'm talking to, and if I say I drove straight home after work then Im lying that I went straight home, and if i'm in walmart longer than fifteen minutes then i'm probably lying about where I am. These are just some of the little, silly things he's been accusing me of lying about! Truth is, I don't lie to him. I always tell him the truth. Everyone lies, but I try to be as honest as possible at all times! And, I don't think I've given him any reason to accuse me of these lies. I'm worried that maybe he's done something he shouldn't have, and now his guilty concious is making him accuse me of things. The thing is, we broke up about two months ago for a very short amount of time. Once we got back together, that's when all the accusing started. He also started accusing me of cheating on him when we were broke up! I know that he went out and partied when we were broken up, so I'm worried that he may have done something during that time. He swears up and down that he didn't, but honestly I don't think he would admit it to me if he did out of fear that I would end the relationship for good. I would like an expert opinion as well as guys opinion on the subject. Do you think he cheated and now his guilty concious is making him accuse me of things? What else would make him start accusing me of things? Insecurity? I don't know! Please help.
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by penswriter, Dec 20, 2010
In my own experiences the accuser is usually trying to make the person that they are accusing feel bad because they (the accuser not the accusee) is guilty of just that.
by imanaddict, Dec 20, 2010
The first thing that comes to mind is "the guilty dog barks first."  It may be time to start digging a little deeper into his activities!
by teko, Dec 20, 2010
This has more to do with him than it does with you. You should be highly offended! It sounds like maybe he is thinking you might be doing the same things he has done? Or he is terribly insecure and controlling. Either or, is not a good situation. I think I would be finding someone a little more mature.
by Red931, Dec 21, 2010
My soon to be ex-wife was the same way. She drove away family and friends and created an unlivable home environment. Before we were married I found out that she went out with someone else while she was going out with me. She gave me a ridiculous excuse that it was a blind date that was set up months in advance and that is why she still went out with the guy. (Who makes blind dates months in advance?) This should have been a sure sign for me to get out. Oh well....what are you going to do it is too late now.

Anyway....I have come to find that she was stepping out while she was married to me also and she still denies it to high heaven meanwhile always accusing me of doing it. It is a deflection technique. Long story short...The advice you are getting is accurate. The people that act in this manner are usually the people that are guilty of the accusations themselves.

I would get out while you still can. It is only going to get worse.
by FBGuy, Feb 07, 2013
This is really interesting..cuz my GF sent me this link to proof I was acting that way..and doesn't realize that she is the one acting that way..she's always telling me that I don't love her -usually when she's drunk which is every weekend-, she tells me that she knows I'm gonna leave her soon, that I have a lot of friends (on Facebook) and probably am cheating (on FB, really?),and as regular behavior she threatens me and now she said that's what I'm doing ...and now apparently after reading this she said I'm cheating on her. Really? It's interesting, right?

ps: sorry if my English is not good.
by durhamrm, Oct 22, 2013
I feel like I am going through the same thing as well. my boyfriend of 4 years has done this for the past 2 years. I don't know what to do. He always thinks a I'm always lying. I have class 4 days a week and work  40hrs a week. How on earth would I have time to cheat. We live together and I'm always home other than class and work. When I get home he usually is at his buddy's house. It's really frustrating because I've have always been faithful and have always had his back. He does have low self esteem and has low confidence. So, i think that that could cause it. Could he be the guilty one? I need help as well:(