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ABG test results
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ABG test results

Recently when my husband was seeing the doctor, he was quickly ushered to the ER where they performed an ABG with the following  results.
F102- rm air  
PH-   7.35  
PCO2- 54  
PO2-  40
HCO3- 29.0  
Total CO2 -30.7
Base Excess- 2.3
%Sat.-  73.2%
Can you please tell me what may have been going on?  He does have COPD, and at last check was at 19% FEV1.  They wanted to keep him overnight, which he refused.  He was given IV antibiotics, plus a prescription for more, and an extended neb treatment.  Also, in the 48 years we've been married, I have never smelled a body odor on him until that day, and it was strong.. different.
Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance..
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Avatar n tn
Sounds like you need to talk to him about his wishes.  Your husband is end stage copd.  He is no longer ventilating or oxygenating.
His abg is compensated.
-Ph is compensated (respiratory acidosis) at 7.35 normal ranges 7.35-7.45.
-C02 (acid) is high at 54 mmHg it should be 40 mmhg.
-HC03 (base) is high at 30.7 (compensating for the high C02) normal is 24 mmhg ( I have seen it as high as 52 mmHg).  
-He is hypoxic (low in oxygen) at 40 mmHg. Normal oxygen (P02) is 80-100 mmHg in the body. In the atmosphere its 150 mmHg at sea level.  
He needs oxygen 24 hours a day.   His Fev1 at 19% tells me he can no longer exhale all that air. He cannot walk, take a shower, eat, and go to the bathroom w/o being able to breath.  He is no longer living he is just existing. Talk to his doctor about the possibility of palliative care or hospice NOW, so when the time comes you have things in order.  I am sorry if this sounds harsh but its reality.  I see it every day.  Putting him on life support will just prolong his agony.

If you can't breath nothing else matters.

Avatar n tn
I had a similiar episode to this . Drs say I have early onset copd @43 Seen in the ER with spasm in my esophagus and going numb in the face.
Labs for my abg were all abnormal? On room air....What are my real options as I continue to get easily fatigued and short or breathe

ph abg:7.59    BE ABG:1.8      P02: 69.1
HC03: 26.0     C0HB 1.1          THB: 14.8
02Hb: 95.9      AAdif: 51.8        METHB: 0.7
PCo2: 22.2      AAratio: 57.2     FI02: 0.2
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