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Apical Bilateral Pleural Thickening
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Apical Bilateral Pleural Thickening

I found out that I have apical bilateral plerual thickening and 3 lung nodules and some smaller one's.  I have 1 on the right lung, 2 on the left lung, the largest 7mm.This news came to me recently when the doctors office was looking for a prior test that I had done in my past which said I had two tumors on the spine that were hemangomas and while in physical therapy, they thought they felt something and said I should follow up with my MD.  

When the doctors office was looking for this report to check on a date this was discovered, they pulled out a  report that they were reading it for the first time, and I was hearing it for the first time.  The report was at CT report from an ER visit to check for a PE.  The report is almost 1 year old in August.

When I looked up apical bilateral plerual thickening, I keep getting abestos exposure.  I have been healthy otherwise and no prior lung infections or  major type colds in my past.   I have been a firefighter for 20 years and I am worried that this is related to abestos exposure.  Firefighters are amoung the group of occupations for which this is very possible.  I just saw a pulmonary MD who said that abestos usually goes to the base of the lungs due to the weight and he didn't feel this is due to abestos exposure.  I don't have pleural plaques and therefore he is not worried about this. The only way to confirm this would be to have surgery which he said is risky.

Is there any type of test that can be done regarding abestos exposure to confirm without surgery. I thought I read they can test urine ?  I see there is no cure, but I thought if It were found out early enough something may be done to prolong your life?

Should I be concerned ?  He said we will follow up with a CT scan in 10 months to see if the lung nodules which are in both lungs grow from there present size. (3,5,7mm)

History of CA on my mothers side with all deceased and my father  diagnosed with bladder Ca.  
I am a non smoker. I have been dealing with a cough that comes and goes which feels like I am going to cough my lungs out and my voice that gets hoarsed/raspy and goes away alot.  I  also get short of breath on exertion.   I am also being followed up with a cardiac doctor for some ST changes.  The lung doctor has refered me to a ENT for the cough etc.
Everything I read on abestos exposure does not specifically state it is found in the base of the lungs only. I worry that we came across when it usually is not discovered for many years and could this be a concern that It might be in an early stage.  Should anything else be done?  

Thanks in advance.
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I just got a copy of my CT Scan and I have the same thing as you have. Bilateral apical pleural thickening. I read on the other post it is something that happened to the lung in the distant past.  How are you doing.  I am 57 and the doctor told me not to worry about this.

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