Bad Odor In Nose
by eddyn818, Nov 03, 2003
I have been suffering with post nasal drip for the past 6 months I havent been able to see a doctor yet. but I have a question regarding my nose. Lately when I blow my nose I get stuck with this really bad smell in my nose and it would only go away if I do a nasal wash. can anyone tell me if this is related to the post nasal drip? or what can be causing this? has anyone have experienced this before and what have they done to resolve it.
Thank you!
by National JewishBlank, Nov 04, 2003
Postnasal drip is drainage from the nose and sinuses dripping down the back of the throat.  There could be several reasons for this drainage.  One is an allergic reaction to inhaling something.  A second reason is a non-allergic, non-infectious inflammation in the sinuses that can linger after a cold.  A third reason is chronic sinusitis.

Inflammation in the sinuses can block sinus drainage.  This can cause the mucus to collect in your nose and sinuses.  Over time this collection of mucus can smell really bad.  If the mucus is thick, a nasal wash may be needed to remove it from your nose and sinuses.  Please read our Nasal Wash MedFact at for more information about this technique.  As long as you are not on a fluid restriction you should be drinking 6 to 8 8-ounce glasses of non-caffeine non-alcoholic fluid daily.  This will thin the mucus so that it moves more easily.

You may have short-term relief from the bad smell, but it may return again because the blockage is not completely cleared.  If this continues, check with your doctor to see if a decongestant like Sudafed
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by lucius, Nov 04, 2003
Hi.I have the same. A terrible odor in my sinus with from time to time very bad smelling sticky mucus which forms where my nose meets the throat. Often it has some blood in. When the weather is fine its often green/yellow and during winter it's more brown. It really stinks terrible.
I had a CT done of my sinuses which were clear. Complete bloodwork done which was also OK. Don't know if we have the same odor, but I know it's terrible. I have been wondering. Could this be caused by your tonsils? Mine are full of pockets which have these white little stones in which smell bad.
by lucius, Nov 04, 2003
I meant odor in my nose of course
by AndyRRT, Nov 04, 2003
You guys definately need to see your doctors. Preferably an ENT speacialist. It sounds like you definately have some sort of infection brewing back there and the pus and mucous is just fermenting (excuse the terminology) As far as the blood goes. This is concerning. The infection could be necrotizing (flesh eating) or perhaps there just some trauma from blowing your nose too hard, or even the fact that your nasal pasages are very vascular.

You may need an antibiotic....go see your doctors!!!

by lucius, Nov 04, 2003
I had a 10 day course of antibiotics recently. The doc said that the brown color is due to the fact that I clear my throat too much and so damage my throat. I must admit I have the terrible habit of doing that. It's not realy clearing but more trying to get the mucus out of my nose(sorry for that). This makes my throat, just behind my nose(where my uvula is) often sore too.In fact its more nose clearing I do as I can't blow my nose because it's always very dry.Sometimes there is some crustified blood in my nose, quite often in winter. I have no problems eating or drinking. In fact that brings much relief. Have you any idea what kind of infection it could be? The only thing that has helped a bit so far was an antibiotic nose spray. This made the mucus much more liquid. However I have the constant bad odor in my nose through the day, I only have about once a day this bad smelling mucus. When the weather is hot, it will almost go away. Is a bad smell always a sign of some kind of infection?
by AndyRRT, Nov 04, 2003
It could be the infection, or even possibly the medicine itself that smells. When you spray the medication into your nose, it will deposit itself along the lining of the nasal passage, as well mixing with the mucous.

You mentioned that your nose is always dry in the winter. Have you ever tried a humidifier? I'm not a big fan of this, but some of my patients swear by this.

by lucius, Nov 04, 2003
Well. I started all with a normal cold for which I was prescribed antibiotics which I didn't took completely out(I know, that was very stupid). The feeling of a cold never went away and then those symptoms came. I used the nasal spray for about two weeks but the odor was there already along time before. In fact, and this may sound gross but I can often taste it too when the mucus drips in my throat. Using the nasal spray for a long time is no good says the doc.
The odor smells very chemical and it has about the same smell of the mucus. A very strong odor. As I said it is very sticky and everyone knows when they have the flu their mucus is sticky but mine is really sticky. It's almost like glue.
I have noticed that it's worse in winter and especialy when it's very warm in the house. I also recently learned about humidifiers.
I once had a very big mucus thing with a lot of hard crustified blood in, the day after a long flight.
It seems to come from the upper part of my throat, somewhere behind my uvula or what may be there. I have no cough.
The air I breath through my nose also seems to be always very cold, guess that's due to the fact my nose is very dry.
Anyway. thanks for your help.
by the pain, Nov 19, 2003
well i have the same bad odor in my nose and i have had it pretty bad already for a year its gotten so bad that i could just barely blow my nose that thick i mean mell thick mucus comes out followed by blood and it takes me about 5min. to stop it.also when i kneel down to carry my kids my nose starts to drip and boy does it stink at first i thought it was my breath so i would brush my teeth 4xs a day no kiddingi carried my toothbrush every where sorry if it sounds gross but its the truth.i try to put water in ther and blow it out but no budge if somebody could please tell me what i can do to get red of this please let me know PLEASE!!!!!!
by timmya, Nov 29, 2003
well i have the same problem and that bad odor smell has started since i can remember.. i think around my mid teen age..

im 20 now and it would come and go from time to time.. (usually at least 2-3 times)

i usually get a blocked nose all the time.. and would clear my throat heaps of times becaue of flem build up..

usually when i goto sleep and lay on my side.. everything is quiet, i would hear this little click on the top part of my nose.. and the smell would start to come..

sometimes i dont hear it.. and when i lay on my side it just starts smelling.. i would get up.. blow my nose and hope it goes away.. sometimes it doesnt.. sumtimes i'd lay up and the smell will go away.. and when i lay back down.. it starts to smell again.

i did use to have asthma, though i never did goto my doctor about this as i thought i was the only one with this problem and of course pretty embarrased to talk to anyone about it.

please help.