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Bad Smell

I have noticed that the bad smell is a result of:

1. Lack of mucus drainage in nose
2.Inability of turbinates to moisten due to blockage and lack od cilia activity to provide moisture to nose.
3.inflammation that causes blockage especially at night.
4.Blockage due to polyps and inflammation.
All of these symptoms cause mucus to thicken and stagnate in the nasal cavities and dry causing increased bacteria build-up and a smelly nose due to bacteria and bleeding mucosa.
5. Irrigation is good but can actually contribute more to the bad smell if you have any kind of blockage that will cause the irrigated salt/water/baking soda solution to get blocked in the nasal passages and unable to drain back out of the nose. Also I notice to never irrigate before going to bed because the trapped iriigation solution will become blocked in nose and once inflammation occurs at night, the mucuos is yellow and thick the morning after due to built up infection and bacteria due to blocked passages.
Irrigation is good but is limited in providing relief from infection because the water cannot reach the deeper sinus areas that the solution needs to reach to make conditions better.
Reduce inflammation which promotes drainage and find a way to keep the sinuses moistened and flowing and the smell will go also must take antibiotics to kill the bacteria.
Anyone ever got rid of this dreadful problem?

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The point of hypertonic irrigation is to reduce the swollen tissues and membranes to allow better drainage, and to flush out the microbes that are causing the problem.  The high saline content draws moisture out of the tissues, which shrinks them, but it sometimes takes several treatments.

A regular sinus irrigation will usually only work for the lower sinuses (maxillary and ethmoid) before gravity intervenes.  The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush overcomes the gravity problem.

The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over, preferably in a shower, but you can do it outside on soft ground.  If you do it, and succeed, continue to flush for at least 3 days after the smell goes away, or it can grow back.
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