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Bad smell in nose could be GERD
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Bad smell in nose could be GERD

I have had this smell in my nose (I smell it, but I don't think anyone else does).  It smells a lot like my nose did when I had it cauterized for nosebleeds.  I occasionally have a discharge that has some streaks of old blood in it.  The complete description of the smell is a sort of acrid, burned blood smell.  No pain, no pressure, no congestion, no other symptoms.  In my case I am convnced that it is caused by reflux from a hiatal hernia.  It is usually brought on by drinking a lot of liquids, and usually near bedtime. Has anyone who has had a similar problem explored this?

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by desselb23D, 4 minutes

After years and years of trying different things, diets, nose rinses, prescriptions ect.. 
Praying day and night God gave my mother the wisdom to search everyplace everywhere she went for 
Some answers and she finally help me find something that has helped me so so much never did anything work for me until now hopefully it goes away and never comes still taking it, have been taking it for 4 weeks now I will keep taking it until I see it's completely gone but if anyone wants to try this your more than welcome to try it at least take them while your at work I just feel a cleanER mouth and smell I don't smell the whole room as I use to and I praise the Lord Jesus my savior  I promised if he would heel me I would change my world completely to serve him even if he doesn't heel me I will serve him with all my heart there's no doubt in my mind thanks and I hope this works for you and I'm sure it'll work for some people it depends on your condition. 

Bad breath 
Body odor 
Nose smell 
Nail fungus 
Smelly saliva 

You can get this at any 
Natural healing store or online 
I think it comes from mexico 
It's called 

Carbon Vegetal or Carbon Vegetal Activado, black capsules 

I have both and will probably get more just remember always give thanks for what you have don't forget we need him more that he needs us :) 
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