Black and grey almost snot like specs in my spit
by rockott, Jul 17, 2008
Ok i am 15 years old i have had i think bronchitus or a cold near the end of december 2007 its now july 17 2008 and i have just at the begining of july starting to cough up brownish greyish specs in my clear spit i do smoke ciggaretes and canabis for about 2 years i did go to the doctor they said i had a sinus congestion and gave me sinus cogestion pills i have been takeing them and i have been coughing it up allot less i have quit everything for about 3 days now and i am still coughing it up plz tell me what this is?
by National Jewish HealthBlank, Jul 22, 2008
What you have is called chronic bronchitis.  It is caused by cigarette smoke as well as cannabis smoke.  These same substances can also lead to chronic sinusitis.  Some people can smoke for years and never develop symptoms or emphysema.  You are not one of those people.  What you have experienced is a warning that your lungs and bronchial tubes are very sensitive to the toxins in the smoke from both classical cigarettes and cannabis.  And, being sensitive, you will develop chronic lung disease with progressive destruction of your lungs, most likely at an early age.

Having trouble so early in life suggests that you may have an inherited condition called, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.  This can be diagnosed by a simple blood test.  Check on this with your doctor.

You must do everything you can to give-up smoking, forever, and start trying now, if you want to preserve the lungs you have at this time.  You will almost certainly need to use prescription medicines from your doctor to accomplish this.

Good luck.
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by rockott, Jul 31, 2008
umm i have quit for about a moth now and i have been coughing it up allot less the same day i went to get checked up the docktor gave me anti-biotics but now im coughing up allot less but its more of a white phelgem mixed with a little bit of the brown i was told that its my lungs clearing out all the gunk i put in my lungs but i want to know if i am going to get better if i do not smoke anything anymore and eat healthy i did go for about 2 weeks non stop of no food till around 7:00pm and all i did was smoke ciggaretes and canabis during that time with no food but now i have improved allot and i am wondering if im going to be fine, i am scared i do cough on my own like make myself cough allot to clear out the gunk i feel in my through is that wrong should i only cough when its nessacarey? and i do get little chestpains here and there but they go away in the matter if 30 secons?