Blood in my mucus (not much coughing)
by carlos4god, Nov 24, 2005
I have had a cold problem for about 4 days. I am very congeste on my chest and my voice sounds like Darth Vader on the other side of an intercomm.  I did have a bad headache for about 24 hrs a day ago. I don't really cough, but when I blow my nose or suck out the mucus in my throad, blood comes out; sometimes streaky, sometimes in globs!
I have been on Amoxicilin for 24 hrs and am taking Guanifencen.

Any other thoughts?  Thanks
by National JewishBlank, Dec 08, 2005
This sounds like acute sinusitis.  If your symptoms have not improved after 72 hours of starting the amoxicillin, you should see your doctor.  It may be that a stronger antibiotic is needed.

Also your chest congestion could be a sign of pneumonia, especially if you have a fever.  A chest x-ray is often done to see if pneumonia is present.
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by angelfish712, Jan 13, 2006
I have something like you.  I had a really bad cold a few days ago, but after it was over, I started to notice that when I blow my nose, there's streaks of blood and globs too.  I did have a sore throat a few nights ago and a headache, but currently I feel fine everywhere's just the blood that freaks me out.  This has been going on for three days.  I'm going to go see a doctor today.  Hopefully what we have is the samething and all you need to do is take antibiotics.
What did your doc tell you?
by Abnorm, Jan 21, 2006
Finally, other people with similar symptoms. In December I saw my doctor because I was spitting out, usually when I would wake up, blood with mucus present or not. I had developed a very bad bronchitis, that's what was diagnosed after a chest xray. I was on 30 GEN-Amoxicillin (500mg)for 10 days and where the blood ceased. Once I finished the medication the blood in the mucus returned. My mouth every morning is dry and when I clear my throat the mucus comes up followed by blood. Now is January caught a cold, same pattern mucus & blood the only thing different today rather this evening is I brought up mucus followed by blood, the reason I say different is because the blood would only occur in the morning. Perhaps I need a stronger antibiotic? I really would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks