Blood in sputum in morning when clearing throat
by lilaw88, Mar 28, 2006
I am 42 and 17 weeks pregnant.  I am a 3-year breast cancer survivor.  3 times over the last 3 weeks, upon waking, I've had a small amount of blood in my phlegm after clearing my throat first thing in the morning.  It only happens that one time and not after coughing at all (just clearing my throat?.  Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and my throat hurt slightly .  I considered going to the refrigerator for a drink and decided against it.  This morning, I had the same drop of blood in phlegm upon clearing my throat.  Two nights ago, I drank alot of liquid and did not have the problem at all yesterday morning.  This never happens more than once in the morning or later in the day at all.  This happened also last sumer and the doctor said it was a traot ingflammation.  Could this be related to the pregnancy?
by National JewishBlank, Mar 29, 2006
It is very doubtful that it is related to the pregnancy.  The most likely cause is a nose bleed, but there is no way to be sure the blood is not coming from your lungs.  You should discuss this with your doctor and should have a Chest X-ray.

We hope there is not a serious cause of this bleeding.

Good luck.
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by myproblem, Mar 28, 2006
Do you have reflux at night? This could be irritating the capillaries in your throat. Try taking antacid at bedtime.
by lilaw88, Mar 29, 2006
Last night, I drank fluid and there was no blood this morning.  Even when there was, there was only a tiny drop in one drop of phlegm.  I do clear my throat alot in the morning but it's just clear.  I don't have reflux.  This only happened three times in the last three weeks and did not happen at all since last sumer when the doctor told me that I have a sore throat.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, I have a sore throat and an earache.  I can't have a chest x-ray because of the pregnancy.  I also have sinus tachycardia.  Isn't this caused by my sinuses?  At my last examination, my OB examined me and found my lungs to be clear.  Should I be worried?
by myproblem, Mar 29, 2006
Don't you love how thoroughly the nurse read your question? I would not be too worried unless it increases in amount or frequency. You can probably have a bronchioscopy done if it gets worse. An MRI might be okay too. I don't really know though if that is safe for pregnancy, or what it would show.
by EROS, Mar 30, 2006
Just to let you know I had this problem, it drove me mad and continued to two years, I also had a nuber of other symptoms including chest pains, breathing trouble and feeling off. I saw many doctors including an ENT.

I finally went to a South African doctor who had just started a practice locally. He diagnosed me as having a Staph infection and put me on an Antibiotic for two weeks, a steroid nasal spray and an anti histamine for three months. It worked.

I feel great now and everything has cleared! Dont worry it could be low grade nose bleeds due to being pregnant.
by minidoc, May 07, 2006
Could you suggest the name of the south african doc as I have the same problem of blood (small amount but still there) from the nose and throat in morning specially. Moreover I have high alt (sgot)
by hsv_harish, May 15, 2009
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