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Breathing difficulty with shortness of breath and sensitivity for 10 mo...
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Breathing difficulty with shortness of breath and sensitivity for 10 months following chemical exposure- HELP!

After getting ready to sell my home  last June and being exposed to oven cleaner, multiple exposures to lots of bleach fumes and air freshner fumes, scented candle fumes , interior paint, lots of dust from sweeping and more in a very short period of time I had an event of what seemd to be bronchitis with a cough that was non productive and there was lots of clear spit type mucus.. This was during allergy season so I found it unusual ( I have had that in the winter from time to time)   My first doctor tried to treat me with several rounds of antibiotics which did not work. I ended up in the ER and was told that it seemd to be asthma. I was put on Advair. Within a day of starting treatment I felt cured and the coughing stopped. I stayed on Advair for a month and stopped it since I was feeling fine. About 6 weeks went by and we moved to a new area. Almost immediately upon moving to our new apartment I  begin to have events of shortness of breath plus I became very  sensitive to   musty odors, cold air hurt to breath and could not tolerate  certain chemicals  such as bleach products, air freshners, cleaning products, scented laundry detergent and even cigarette smoke . I feel like I want to flee when I am around them because my breathing becomes very disturbed and I feel ill and have shortness of breath sometimes for days following an exposure . I was at the doctors  office almost every week since the symptoms were so frightning. Asthma was suspected and ruled out through testing. I was put back on on Advair which I responded pretty well to this time but still have some sensitivity.  I asked my doc how long I had to stay on it and he said til I heal. Its been almost 10 months and when I try to come off advair I have a flair up of the shortness of breath  and sensitivities and I don't think its looking good if I have not healed yet.  Is it possible to heal? How can I get more help? Is it possible to detox? I read about MCS which seems to describe me but I have seen an allergist, a pulmonologist who ruled out asthma, and my family doctor and they don't take MCS  seriously. I don't want to be  a siiting duck . How can I get some help, other than the $200 advair which I hope to come off. Each time I try to come off I have more sensitivity when I breath and have to go back on. At this point, the shortness of breath and sensitivity seem to mostly in my right lung. Can  there be a positive prognosis as my doctor suggests?After 10 months I am wondering if I am being treated correctly and if I can heal?

  Recently I have been having joint cracking and pops in most of my joints throughout the day. I am not sure if this has anyting to do with with what is going on.
.   HELP!!
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