I have been looking around and found some similar post related to my case but not exactly.

So here you go

I have been a person that is very constipated [do not go poop for 2 or 3 days] that was normal me...not healthy but since i was buys with school i figure i will try to take care of it later since it did not have pain...etc


I went to eat shrimp and fish
and that day after a few minutes i had to go to the bathroom
yes diarrhea
so I didn't pay much attention to it

once i let it all out i went on with my day

well after a few days I keep on having more frequent diarrhea
It became so much that I was going 4 to 6 times a day
I became really dehydrated...dizzy...weak...tongue was dry...etc..
[now to add to this i drive one hour to get to my university]

yes at this point i went to the doctor
he did blood test, feces, urine
and i had no parasite, no virus, no bacterial infection
so he basically said to wait and see how i feel

This diarrhea went on for about 2 weeks in total...

ok so two days ago i though oh i feel better...

i was drinking lots of power aid..
i started drinking food

and today

in the morning i felt like i had a lil bag of gas in my lower left part of my stomach
its like a fart that could not come out

so i said well it will come out

but no the day went by
and i went to the bathroom to [poop]
it was normal no diarrhea
and i farted a little

but i felt like it was still there
so as the day went by

my stomach pain started getting worst to the point that i couldn't walk or sit correctly

now I finally farted after the whole day being with a sharp pain and not being able to do anything

the thing is that i feel like it still hurts
it feels like there is a lil bag that is filling up with gas inside my lower stomach area and causing mild pain at this moment but i am afraid the pain will increase again..

I really hope this does not worst but i think it might be due to the original cause me being constipated as my norm.
that is obviously not right but now i think i am paying of the consequeces of not taking care of my body properly.

I will see how i wake up tomorrow and post it and see if anyone experience the same thing as I have.

Thank you and any response is helpful  
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